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Supply and Demand Online Teaching & Tutoring

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by Happyregardless, Apr 22, 2020.

  1. Happyregardless

    Happyregardless Occasional commenter

    Has anyone else experienced a mad upsurge in requests for tutoring and online teaching for the last few weeks and then this week suddenly it seems to have taken a dive, presumably because schools have finally cottoned onto online teaching and creating their own on learning apps/platforms etc?

    I had a ridiculous schedule, with parents contacting me at 12 midnight and my response rate on a certain tutor site that sounds like 'waterfall' went from about 2 hours, down to 39 minutes and then back up again when they contacted me at silly o clock and I could only respond the next day. My booking rate also went haywire too because on an increase in enquries, but with a full schedule not being able to cater for all and then its gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, bt being quiet this week, part from regular tutees. Three students have started work online with their schools, two of which stopped lessons with me and one is continuing because of work schedules.

    Does anyone work with a group sessions through a particular platform or have had schools approach them etc?
    It seems we were in demand at first but now yesterday's news?
  2. Happyregardless

    Happyregardless Occasional commenter

    Never mind - answered my own question, some left because schools started providing online classes, others have since wanted a tutor so it's ll swings and roundabouts and seems to have evened out now really :)
  3. CloudsTES

    CloudsTES New commenter

    You've been doing better than me..! When the exams were cancelled, I experienced the inevitable drop off. There was a pick up over Easter, just due to the parent of an existing student asking for additional tutoring for that student, as well as her siblings. Since then, it's been a bit tumbleweed-ish, although I've been able to secure a new student for after lockdown. The lack of opportunity is starting to feel a bit frustrating; it's so hard to work out when (whether?!) demand will pick up...
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  4. suzette

    suzette Occasional commenter

    I'm finding it really frustrating now. The time wasters are really distracting and it seems like the whole world and his dog wants to tutor. Isn't it funny how a lot of teachers in schools were pre-covid thinking we as tutors were a threat to their teaching and work & now a lot of them want to tutor. It's difficult when everywhere celebrities, pop stars and everyone has an 'online teaching' thing going on. I'm running out of money, enthusiasm that things will get better and clients to make a living.

    My tutoring is for me not just a quick fix to make money, it is something that's helped me through some serious depression episodes, as it helped me in so many ways and also to 'give back' and help struggling students (as I was one when I was a kid). Tutoring gets me out of that spiral. I love it and I think I've found my vocation in life.

    However if things carry on like this, I'm worried that I shall have to go back to working in retail to earn, which was where I experienced bullying and such a hard time, but with the way things are, I may not have a choice as the bills are still coming in and I have no idea when (or if) the self employed will get any help. Sorry I'm a bit despondent today. :(
  5. CloudsTES

    CloudsTES New commenter

    Big hugs :) This bl**dy virus!
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  6. suzette

    suzette Occasional commenter

    Ta! Really appreciate it.
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  7. Kateray1

    Kateray1 Occasional commenter

    It’s been horrid. I had 8 students all face to face, I now have one that I drop off work to then phone afterwards.

    I tutor looked after children during the day but the contract is up end of this month with no certainty of continuing.

    I’ve been tutoring as my main income for two years and have no idea if I can get this running again, I will try though, between job hunting for a day job.
  8. BG54

    BG54 Occasional commenter

    We can have a virtual cry on each other's shoulders as I've been doing some calculations on outgoings and incomings and if tuition doesn't pick up soon I'll be in some difficulty too. Re the self-employed income support scheme, if you've filed self-assessment returns as a sole trader for at least the 2018/19 tax year you should be contacted during May to apply for the grant. Details and faqs in the links below. Try and keep your spirits up! :)


    suzette likes this.
  9. mark_hughes_tutorful

    mark_hughes_tutorful New commenter

    Hi HappyRegardless. We've actually seen a bit of a pickup in demand since Easter break, although it's still below the levels we were experiencing before lockdown.

    We will also be making some changes (soon!) so that your response time isn't affected by people contacting you in the dead of night - I know that is very frustrating for tutors!

    Hope that helps,
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  10. briancant

    briancant Occasional commenter

    Sounds good. I am getting a lot of students who seem to expect a free introductory session as a matter of course. Can you make it really clear to students those tutors who offer this and those who don't. I have made myself really cheap to attract clients but I keep getting students who want to haggle. On the bright side with schools closed for the foreseeable future and teachers not setting work online tutoring should become big business.

    As a teacher of 20 years I can say the teachers of my students are being really lazy and setting nothing. They are seeing the lockdown as a paid extra holiday.
    Happyregardless likes this.
  11. CloudsTES

    CloudsTES New commenter

    I reckon schools will start going back (via a phased return) the week after half term. With Boris Johnson apparently wanting 'Britain back to work' (or whatever) on/ by/ from 26th May, it seems to fit...
  12. CloudsTES

    CloudsTES New commenter

    Hadn't seen the news re: 1st June - I promise!
  13. mark_hughes_tutorful

    mark_hughes_tutorful New commenter

    As a rule we don't encourage anyone to offer free first lessons Brian, but we'll try and make this clearer to any potential students.
  14. suzette

    suzette Occasional commenter

    Generally, I wouldn't offer a free intro lesson to anyone Covid or not. Think about it, if you needed a plumber to fix a leak in your home, you wouldn't ask them to do it for a free/trial introductory fix and then if they do, you pay them after if there are any subsequent plumbing jobs you might need doing. This is YOUR BUSINESS and a lesson (online/covid or not) takes time, effort, resources, money, charges for internet connection etc and if you do lessons for free you are losing out on these things. In my experience freebies mean people don't come back; or expect a discounted fee everytime.
  15. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    When I had to move to online lessons I had a short free session with those existing students who wanted to continue. It wasn't a lesson, just to make sure everything worked and they knew how to do things like sharing their screen with me. If I ever get any new students I'd probably do the same.
  16. suzette

    suzette Occasional commenter

    I suppose to each his own, but remember on Zoom, Skype & a lot of these online platforms you can 'go on' on your own & try out how things work. Eg: I often go on Zoom myself beforehand to set up optimal viewing, try out uploading work, use the whiteboard etc before a lesson. I always advise students/clients to do this rather than set up a separate 'free' meeting for that. I do offer help via emails, txt or WhatsApp, which seems fine.

    All are happy with that, as some of them find it handy to learn how to, especially for other online stuff such as speaking to relatives etc after. I also feel that as a mostly face to face tutor who has had to learn all this to do lessons online, I'm not a tech wizard so I'm learning myself.

    In fact I had a lesson yesterday & forgot to turn on my PC's speaker, so spent 5mins with the student looking at me frantically pressing buttons & fussing around looking insanely at her! She saw the funny side though!! So no, I don't give out freebies regarding how to set up. I can barely set up a lesson for myself! :)

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