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supply and child care cover - getting tax credits

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by cliveceltic, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Tax credits are worked on last years earnings so you should ring and ask advice not mentioning this years. It's down to family income. My husband works full time, until recently minimum wage plus comission, but we didn't qualify for childcare. I tried out various scenarios on their online calculator. We did qualify for the higher rate of tax credits this year as I asked to base it on predicted income this year. I think I predicted right but might yet get a bill to pay some back. Alot of my income has been via self employed work this year so tricky to plan for too. They have recently changed the thresholds though so definitely worth a phone call.
  2. pancake99

    pancake99 New commenter

    thanks, we got tax credits for last yr which yes could continue for this yr but as the children will be out of f/t cc plus i will be ending my f/t job (hence the enquiry re supply) I would be obliged to phone them of these changes which amazingly means we wont get anything coz the cc would have ended and hubbys yrly wage plus my wage for april, may and maybe june will take us over the threshold and we wont get anything till the new tax yr starts which is why i am looking at supply coz that with the cc costs means they would help out. (hope this makes sense) what self employed work do you do? despartely want something to work around homelife.
  3. I'm a music specialist and took a few years out of teaching working for Sing Up. I get work from them to lead singing training in the region but also market myself to schools for inset and music services for odd projects they may have. Tried getting some tutoring too but not had any success. It's all dried up now though as did my long term supply work I was doing so back waiting for phone to ring. If I wasn't 20 weeks pregnant I'd be looking at non teaching jobs now as this time last year wasn't great for me and supply.
  4. pancake99

    pancake99 New commenter

    ah, i went to a sing up workshop once - very good it was too although i was very nervous as i am such a terriible singer - had to laugh when shee said everyone can sing - err no def not me!!!
    seems to be that my teaching career has fallen to the wayside since motherhood - doesnt look like supply is a good option then although i think if mr gove gets his way in education far more teachers will be off stressed. good luck with the pregnancy

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