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Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by reecey, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Beware of all of them. The main agency I have been working with has now started to pay me £40 less than we agreed, just like that! I complained to them only to be told that they have to work with the schools' ever decreasing budgets. If they can charge a school less to get the business, but then take a teacher's hard earned money, then they are certainly not at a loss as they are recouping their earnings by undercutting us.

    I was offered £5 less than I got in 2005 to work as an NQT for my last two jobs. It just isn't on when someone is experienced and a specialist in their field. It looks like most of them are corrupt and I would like to know if someone works with an agency around Manchester who they love. Please let me know who they are.
  2. Well I have been contacted by various agencies and when they talk about paying for CRB I tell them I already have one and never hear from them again.
    Big laugh is there are 4 supply agencies in the same building, (Postcode beguins with PR), and to date I have yet to see any work out of any of them so I really don't know why they are there at all. The one agency I work nearly all the time for don't charge for CRB so go figure.
  3. My agency cut my wages by £13 per day from £93 to £80 and I told them I quit.

    They didn't even tell me that they were going to do it!

    Wasn't a happy bunny.
  4. I too have registered with agencies in the PR postcode and have only ever got work from a small family run agency in PR - they have always found me long term work and no finders fee if I get a contract. If other agencies demand a new CRB every time they get told where to put the CRB application form
  5. Best to start looking to work directly with schools. I have just sent out some direct mailshots to Academies. (May work?)
    I have not lost pay from agencies but certainly don't get much work from most of the ones I am with. I don't do same day call outs though.
    It is also much harder to get a long term booking.Now they want refs interviews etc. I used to just get booked and finished. Supply is a non-job and cannot be regarded as anything more than part time, if that.

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