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Supply Agencies West Midlands (Solihull, birmingham, coventry)

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Nicola120785, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Nicola120785

    Nicola120785 New commenter

    Oops sorry pressed post too early...
    I would be so grateful for a reply, its so difficult being out of your comfort zone and not knowing anyone or the areas.
    Thanks in advance
    Nicola x
  2. Have PM'ed you :)
  3. Try www.aspirepeople.co.uk. They are based in Suttton Coldfield and I have found them reliable and friendly,. They are also one of the better paying agencies.

  4. You spolit for choice in the west midlands for supply. I can highly recommend aspire people, abc teachers and P&K teachers who all provided with work.
    Michael at ABC teachers is really supportive and managed to get some long term supply for me.
    Good Luck
  5. Has anyone else had to pay for your CRB? Last year I did not pay for a CRB up front to register with an agency or when I got a fixed term contract. One agency has just asked me to pay £50+ up front, to be returned after 15 assignments. I didn't get 1 day supply last year with 5 agencies!!! This seems steep and as I have said, didn't happen last year.
  6. From my experience it seems to depend on the agency, some (bigger agencies it seems) will arrange to deduct it from your earnings. Others (smaller more independent) require upfront payment. Additionally some agencies are able to port crb info to other agencies so you don't need to pay again. Again all seems to depend. Not sure if that's any help!

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