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Supply Agencies - NE England

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by youagain, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Hello All,

    Just a general enquiry, really, and a request for any help! I'm about to go on supply in January for English and was just looking to see if anyone had any personal recommendations on which supply agencies are better, in your opinion, in the region. I'd be able to travel around the region and would be looking for as much work as possible, really. I've been teaching for 5 years now.

    Thanks very much for any help


  2. MS1991

    MS1991 New commenter


    I have just finished my NQT year and left the school I was working in to go onto supply (crazy, I know!).

    I have signed up to 3 different agencies, although teaching personnel has been, from what I have experienced, the best. They are very professional, honest, and try to give you a good rate.

    Compared to the other agencies, who were only offering me £95-105 / day, Teaching Personnel offered £120, minimum. They mentioned if I was to be given a long term position I can negotiate a higher rate with them, based on what I would want, and what would be the minimum I would accept.

    They have also offered me a 5 day guaranteed work scheme between October - May, which will really help if I don't get a long term position!

    I also signed up to Vision for Education & Protocol, both seem like good companies, but have not been as good with keeping in touch, with updates of the application process. They also mentioned they couldn't offer a guaranteed work scheme until I work for them for a while.

    Hope this helps a little.
  3. nearmiss

    nearmiss Lead commenter

    The agency that you mention as being better than others with the initials TP jolly well ought to pay more. From their published accounts for last year their turnover nationally was £63.7million with a profit of £15.4million. Don't be frightened to ask for a rise. They charge the schools significantly more than they pay you.

    Guaranteed work schemes are OK for NQTs as that works out at about what the going rate would be for a full time NQT but for teachers with longer service, the rates equate to a big drop in salary.

    Under law, you are entitled to equal pay after 12 weeks on one assignment so the agency is doing no more than complying with legislation by saying they'll pay you more for a long term placement. (Agency Workers Rights)

    By contrast, on a guaranteed work scheme, you sign away the right to AWR and so you'll be on the starter rate indefinitely. Also, if you get a duff placement, it could be difficult if you refuse to go there again which would technically be a breach of contract on your part.

    They are businesses so they have to make money. And boy do they do that.
  4. MS1991

    MS1991 New commenter

    They did mention they do well in my interview! Very Humble.

    The £120/ day rate seems great for now, little more than M1, assuming I would work 190 / days out of the year. Supply for me is definitely a stepping stone to another job, hopefully.

    I wanted to get more experience in different environments, as my previous post didn't suit me.

    Fingers crossed for a long term post, or a permanent job!

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