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supply agencies in York

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by vicnqt, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. vicnqt

    vicnqt New commenter

    Just wondered if anyone on here is from York and knows of any other good agencies I can register with for work in York or near Malton only? Luckily I managed to secure a part-time post and am doing some one-one tuition at another school for 2 afternoons but as I'm working mornings can only take supply for afternoons. Principal teachers have said they don't get much work just for afternoons and still waiting on COY supply as they can't interview until late November!!! I'm registered with teaching personnel who give me my most work and are good with afternoons but anyone know of any others that work in this area? thanks.
  2. Hi, I work for Teaching Personnel and they kept me busy, I have not had to register with anyone else and all of the staff have been great. Don't think there is may agencies in this area and they have heard from the schools they are the best! Good Luck.
  3. Pinkcheeks -tell it like it is.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    You could speak to Melanie at Beaver Employment. That's based in York.
  5. Pinkcheeks - you have somehow got a thread from 2 years ago and dragged it to the front just to say how good TP is!! You must love TP!
  6. sm1971

    sm1971 New commenter

    I'd recommend Mel at Beaver too (mention Sarah Mortimer and I might even get a bonus - fingers crossed!!)
    I've been with other agencies but she treats you like a human which makes a pleasant change.
  7. EYPS are new to York in September 2012. you can register with them, my brother works for them and they are desperate for teachers.

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