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Supply agencies are blood sucking gits

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by coffeekarma99, May 8, 2012.

  1. Phone supply agency: 'This is week 12 so my pay goes up next week doesn't it?'
    Supply agency: 'Er your consultant is off sick. I don't know I think there is a legal way round it so that we can continue paying you less. We might tell you not to go back to that school next week.'
    Me: 'You are paying me 60% of salary, I do everything a full-time teacher does. I am pretty ****** of anyway. The school ...wants to keep me the only reason I am not on salary is you wanted a £4k release fee.'
    Er:'Let me phone our legal department. It might be we just turn you over to the school so they pay you. It isn't worth us keeping you on under AWR.'
    *** agencies been on virtually nothing for 12 weeks if they turn me over now the school won't want to pay me for summer and if they pay me supply rate I will get no pay until the end of June and that will only be two weeks worth as county list pays two months in arrears. My museum pay is two months in arrears and I have a lodger and my other very part-time teaching job, plus I have some work at half term, but it will be tight. He is coming back to me in an hour.
  2. spiderwomen

    spiderwomen New commenter

    Schools are completely run like businesses and don't care if the supply teacher is unpaid either. I'm not sure why AWR was brought in as nobody is getting it: agencies are making things up as they go along and if you fuss or question the school or agency- suddenly they don't need you any more! Agencies are basically offering qualified teachers at unqualified rates as a way of winning contracts. It's such a harsh market fir everyone. If I got work for less than I normally would work for- I would take it. Complaining only gets you on the dole.
  3. Well, as I have other work without this job I wouldn't be on the dole I would just have less money - and more time.
  4. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    It's awful that it is coming to this - agencies shirking their responsibilities and trying to find ways around paying what is rightly owed to you.
    Keep a record of everything that is said and done, phone calls and emails, and if they do tell you not to go back or find a "legal loophole" then report them to the appropriate people.
  5. A while ago, I had a cold call from something called *****PAD, wondering whether I would be interested in giving online tuition to students for £20 per hour. They offered a comprehesive training course in this technique, for a three figure sum of course; even help with getting the necessary computer equipment, again for a considerable price.
  6. Lies, lies and more lies plus complete EMPTY PROMISES ABOUT WORK!
    Hoipeless, heartless and inept!
  7. Well. I am up to director level now. The new bull**** story is that the school said they only wanted an M1 teacher so the job is just M1 and I have to make a case the job is not an NQT job (not hard as we are split site and the job is not one for a newbie) however in the office with the school business manager and my HoD this afternoon the school never said this and dispute it. Agencies seem to rely on you not talking to people in school. I e-mailed the chap and stated why I believe I am being discriminated against and that I do not accept that from next week I should be on anything less than scale and have given notice I require written reasons why the pay should be less. This is the evidence you need for a tribunal and I will happily drag them through law and the papers if I have to for the principle. Luckily if they asked me to leave tomorrow I have enough other work to get by so I can afford to fight. Lets see what tomorrow brings. He ended the call by saying the ***** d**k want happy smily teachers and he is working to achieve this. I nearly vomitted down the phone.
  8. PS. The school have said they will pay more to keep me so they really are being *****.
  9. ...this forum is full of horror stories reference agency tactics.
    ...if its not the agencies screwing you over, its the schools.
    ...I will be completing my current booking/post next week after being promised my stay would last till the summer, i.e. after the KS4/A level grps go on study leave. After getting me on the cheap for 3 months and then eventually being placed on AWR, the HT told me before Easter that he didnt need me anymore once the kids left for study leave...what a kick in the teeth. He admitted it was for economic reasons as because I didnt have any Yr10 grps, the only teaching would be the remaining KS3 grps....so much for educational continuity/consistency hey!!
    ...quite honestly, the system is a FAKKING joke. You get lied to, messed about, ignored and generally undervalued despite helping schools out of a mess in the first place!!
  10. This did happen to me last year, but it was made clear from the start it would happen and I was only three days a week and working through the LA. Plus I didn't want to stay as I didn't like the school. This time my booking is until summer and possibly beyond and I do want to stay. I love the school the staff are fantastic free zumba on Thursdays, we do social things and I like my classes.The school are not disputing my right to be paid this is all the agency and lie after lie. Plus I live in an area where it is difficult to recruit and the school needs enough staff to run, so supply and demand comes into operation. The day this kicked off my regular private school offered me full time until summer if I want it and to be honest with a full-time table five hours a week twilight and everything else going on losing some work won't kill me. For what it is worth I do feel valued.

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