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supplements for joint pain

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by glitterkid, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Since having my baby (I blame him for all my aches and pains) 6 months ago I've noticed my joints are a lot creakier than in the past. My fingers are particularly sore. Can anyone recommend a supplement, is it glucosamine or cod liver oil or something?
  2. First you need to check what is going on with your joints-if you have swelling and puffiness-it need further investigation in case it's the start of something more than simple wear and tear. Sore puffy fingers could be a sign of water retention etc.
    As for supplements, I would recommend the Healthspan website-they give lots of guidance and have high quality supplements of all kinds. Glucosamine is the main supplement-it was rubbished last year in a trial which made claims that it rebuilt cartilage.
    Unfortunately as most trials are run by drugs companies and as they make so much money from selling anti inflammatories etc they have no interest in trialing something that seems to have lots of benefits without causing nasty side effects. According to my daughter who is a senior physio, glucosamine actually does cut down inflammation and therefore reduces discomfort and pain. You need to take 2000mg a day and may not feel full benefit until after 6-12 weeks.
    I also take MSM, Omega3 and most recently have tried adding turmeric tablets to the daily regime (My arthritis is chronic and I will need replacement knees in the next couple of years-also I don't eat meat so have taken supplements for years-but I do also eat oily fish regularly so am willing to try anything that keeps me mobile and doesn't upset my stomach)
    One route I would never recommend going down it cortisone/local anaesthetic injections-they only give temporary relief and the needles hurt like hell-I has one injection into the base of my thumb and others in my knees until I stopped going to the rheumatologist as all he seemed to want to do was stick larger and larger needles into my joints. If it's just your hands, you can get magnetic gloves which might
    help-haven't tried them personally-if you find anything good, do let me
    know. [​IMG]
  3. As with most of this stuff - if you believe it will help then it probably will.
  4. hi - I had rotten joint pain in the year and a half following my child's birth - but it's actually faded over time. My knees, which were the WORST, have even stopped hurting.

    I took glucosomine briefly, but just kept forgetting, so stopped bothering. Hopefully, yours will go away on it's own too. It's rubbish while you have it though.
  5. voodoo child

    voodoo child New commenter

    I take the Boots glucosamine and chondroitin for bad knees and a fish oil capsule. I had been taking lots of painkillers for years and now am fine. (I was hopitalised with an acute swelling of my knee that affected the joint about 30 years ago). So they have worked for me. You do have to take them every day and it takes a few weeks to see the benefit. I know because when I have forgotten (on holiday/run out of pills) then my knee starts to ache again.
  6. I've had horrible arthritis in the past, due to a unknown autoimmune illness. I have never found any supplements that helped - tried them all; cod liver oil, omega, chondroitin etc. The only thing that helped was very strong anti-inflammatories!
    I would definitely mention your joint pains to your GP. Some arthritic illnesses can start after pregnancy as they are triggered by hormonal changes.
  7. Than ks for all the replies. Will definitely mention when I'm at the doctor next week though.

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