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Supersize vs Superskinny kids

Discussion in 'Personal' started by disguise, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. What parent in their right mind thinks two chicken burgers followed by two chicken sandwiches is an acceptable amount of food in one sitting for a teenager?

    They seem genuinely shocked at how much weight their child has put on!
  2. I don't know, I think a lot of teenagers have shocking diets actually but quite a lot do not gain weight - if you were a skinny teen then you probably would?
    I love this programme but feel a bit odd watching it with children, I don't think it's right to be honest.
  3. I'm equally concerned at the girl's inability to open her mouth and pronounce words properly! Poor vocal technique tends to really annoy me! (Not really the issue at hand though!)
  4. char2505

    char2505 New commenter

    I always thought it was daft how two unhealthy people swapped so they tried the other's equally unhealthy diet! At least this time they seem to be being taught about healthy food. Know what you mean though - can imagine the two kids might have a bit of teasing at school tomorrow.
  5. What is an acceptable amount of food then?
    I admit, it is rather one-sided but my kids eat like gannets and are skinnymalinks. A lot of that is veg though.
    I worry more about the content of food than the amount. If they are genuinely hungry, I have no problem with them eating a lot.
    As long as the lot is mostly healthy stuff.
    Mine both gets lots of exercise too - many of these docus you see involve kids who just eat and never move.
    @princessdiaries - what do you mean about watching it with children?
  6. Watching it with children as the 'supersizer' and the 'superskinny' [​IMG]
    I'm really f*cked off with it now actually, that weeping wailing woman is annoying me and I don't like the way Christian Jessen is effectively blaming the child for it.
  7. ah, ok!

  8. celtic - If a kid is eating loads of veg or even loads of meat/equivalent every now and then then that is fine but clearly 2 chicken burgers, battered and slapped in white bread rolls followed by the same in normal bread in one sitting is not healthy.

    I agree though, it's mainly the TYPE of food.
  9. I didn't eat in such vast quantities because I was born in 1956 and there was just not the amount of food, money or convenience food about to have made it possible. But as soon as my kids got to about 11 or 12, there was no filling them. They certainly did not fill up on loads of veg or oily fish. They ate three healthy well-balanced meals and on top of it shovelled down tons of bread, cheese, crisps, biscuits, peperamis, burgers and chips, often using their own money.
    A pair of stick insects they were and now in their mid-late twenties still are.
    I imagine the variable is the level of exercise involved - they walked to and from school every day, played out every day, cycled and were in football teams.
  10. I agree. I had an awful diet/food intake when I was younger but was stick thin. I walked everywhere because I hated the bus, danced 5 times a week and was always out and about. My brother has a shocking diet but stays very slim because he is so physically active all day at work and at the weekend with sunday league football.
    It goes wrong when these kids eat such awful foods mixed with never doing anything.
  11. Partly but again, I do think genes play a part, I do know kids who are taken to and from school in taxis no less who are scraps - and can easily put away a day's worth of calories in one lesson (smuggled under the desk.)
    Mind you a lot of skinny kids at my school are naughty, probably burn it up by creating mayhem!
    I guess what I mean is, I think it's normal for teenagers to be hungry and to want to eat junk and the temptation to be one of the crowd is overwhelming at that age anyway and it's just not as simple as "stop giving him chicken burgers" or "get him to play football."
  12. inq


    Mum said she thought that her son's problems started when his dad died but looking at the two earlier photos there seemed to be an overly tight shirt in the one where he was 2 and an overhanging stomach when he was 3.
  13. Yes it is.


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