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supermarket delivery

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by lapinrose, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Just had my 3rd supermarket deliver. I've had Tesco before-good, Waitrose-Excellent and now Sainsbury-excellent.
    Items replaced returned with no problem, helpful delivery guys, all in all difficult to say which is the best.
  2. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Waitrose delivery is free, isn't it?
    How precise are you able to be with delivery slots? Can you specify a time, or is it restricted to am/pm/evening, etc?
  3. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Tesco do 2 hour slots, can't remember Waitrose but Sainsbury's is 1 hour slots.
  4. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    My daughter had a bad experience with Asda. They tried to deliver an hour early when she was out, the delivery driver phoned her and asked where she was as he was outside her house. She told him she would be home before 2pm for her 2-4pm delivery slot, as requested. She got home at 1.55, waited and waited and when she finally called customer services at 4.30 she was told that the driver told them she had phoned him at 3.30 and cancelled it.
    Customer services were apologetic and offered her a £5 discount on her next order, but as she was left at 4.30 on a Sunday with four children and very little in the cupboard she told them to stuff it as she would not be using them again.
    She now uses Ocado (Waitrose) - free delivery, one hour delivery slots and the occasional free gift of a bottle of wine.

  5. I ordered from Sainsbury's for the first time on Saturday for delivery yesterday. Arrived on time with only two substitutions, different brand of bread and more expensive cauliflower. Very helpful deliver driver who explained everything clearly. Excellent service all in all. Will be ordering again!
  6. I used to use delivery a lot, that way I wasn't tempted by all the yummy treats when in the supermarket! Always was impressed by the service and the items that were substituted were always more expensive than the ones I had actually ordered. Sometimes they couldn't find my house but then again, living in a row of terraced houses, with no street lights and it being dark, they could be forgiven for this! Now I live abroad and home delivery in general is more or less unheard of :(
  7. ljr

    ljr New commenter

    I use Ocado - 1 hr slots, free delivery (well I do pay 6.99 a month but I can have as many deliveries as I want.) If they do substitute anything, which is rare, they let me have the substitution at the price of the original item, even though it is more expensive. The shopping comes in colour coded bags, so I can put the freezer & frig stuff away first, they collect the old bags each time, and they give me my delivery note in a 'use by' format, so throughout the week I can just check things off without having to go through the frig - its great! I have had a few issues with the packers - burst bags of flour, or cream at the bottom of a bag, but I have always had a no quibble refund.
  8. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    i've never had a problem with either tesco or sainsbury's. i've requested not to have substitions so sometimes miss out, but that's not their problem! i'm a bit picky about what i've chosen so if they haven't got it, i don't want anything else.
    they're always pleasant and helpful, take my bags away and i've only had a couple of problems with lateness with sainsbury's - they rang to say so and give you a £10 evoucher.
    i do it every week now, it's a godsend.
  9. We live in an awkward position, with about 40 steps down to our front door so we have stuff delivered for that reason. I've only used Tesco's but have found the service very good. The men that deliver are particularly nice, helpful, polite etc - even though our steps are a nightmare.
    Only issues are that they won't deliver to us in the dark due to our steps being poorly lit, and that we always seem to get our delivery in the last 10 mins of a 2 hour slot which is a pain sometimes!

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