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Superhero PSRN ideas

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by choralsongster, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. choralsongster

    choralsongster New commenter

    I'm planning my 3 week topic on superheroes, but am getting a bit stuck when trying to cater for PSRN. Does anyone have any good ideas - I've got some Top Trumps cards, so was going to use estimation skills, but apart from counting or problem solving questions, am blank. All help appreciated :)
  2. I did a superhero PSRN lesson on 3dshape. We received a letter from a superhero who explained he needed to build a new superhero lair, but wasn't sure which shapes to use to build the walls. He asked for the children's help.
    The children worked in groups to try building walls with groups of different 3d shapes. They decided which ones would work best and why. It led to lots of great discussions about their properties. We came back together to decide which one was the best. We then wrote back to the superhero with their findings. They were thrilled to get a letter in reply a few days later.
    The children were very keen to get involved and work out the problem.
  3. choralsongster

    choralsongster New commenter

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