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Superhero assembly

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by lynsey22, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all, hope you are well.
    I'm doing my class assembly on the theme of Miracles in a few weeks but want to tie it in as much as possible to my class theme of Superheroes. Any ideas how?
    Was thinking of
    chn saying what superpowers they would like to have
    What characteristics of Superheroes are
    Real life 'superheroes' - firemen, Soldiers etc
    How we can all be superheroes in some way
    but struggling with how to link in the miracles bit
    I work in a faith school so was thinking of trying to link it to a story in the bible
    Any other ideas would be great
    Thanks, Lynsey xxx
  2. I am doing the same on friday. Going to do look at jesus as our superhero. You could look at jesus the superhero/miracle maker and link to the story of Jesus heals the blind or Jesus cures a lepar. We are singing 'Jesus is my superhero'. You can download it from youtube. Hope this helps a little x
  3. Hi Lynsey, when I did a superhero assembly (in a non faith school) the best part was throwing some equipment such as beanbags quoits etcaround the performing area. Then declaring loudly ' oh this room is such a mess I need superheros to help me' the class sat looking angelic, cue the music, downloaded power rangers theme cranked up loud and the children (on a given signal) dived around to put the equipment into some carefully placed boxes and then returned to their seats looking angelic. Wed done it a lot in class but it was great fun for the ch and audience. I don't know how you'd link with Jesus and if it would suit your ideas but maybe if u havnt already download some superhero music to add a bit of pazaz to the assembly. Good luck eve

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