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Superb KS5 book

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Betamale, May 9, 2011.

  1. I appreciate its for the Ibac but this is the best text I have seen for years. The Pearson book is excellent in terms of developing an understanding of topics and gives some great background. This would be great for motivated pupils at AS/A2
    They also do the standard level which looks good too.
    ~£35 on amazon
    Or you can get an evaluation copy below

  2. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Also check out the IBID Press HL book by Cirrito. My personal favourite.
  3. fieldextension

    fieldextension New commenter

    Whatever qualities it might have, the book is packed full of mistakes. More answers at the back are wrong than any A-Level book I have encountered and there are numerous misprints in the notes which are very confusing to observant students. Some questions ask the student to prove statements which are in fact false. I contacted the publisher less than a month ago, explained the situation and asked for a latest errata list based on the edition we are using. They sent me a grand total of about half a dozen errors with corrections and asked which others I had found. I sent them back around half a dozen more merely on topic I had been teaching that morning, over just a few pages! I also told them that if they wanted more they should consider paying me. I reckon that at five dollars an error I could make many hundreds of dollars. Of course I didn't hear back.
  4. Thanks Karvol. I am trying to locate it on amazon...they had one copy for about £70!!!
    I am yet to find those although I have not completed any of the excercises myself. I have though found the intro to topics, the layout and depth of material to be significantly better than all others.
    I can though appreciate how annoying wrong answers are for learners and will no doubt find some.
    I still challenge anything to be as bad as the A level Pledger books. [​IMG]
    They cannot have been proofed by an human/adult
  5. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    Personally, I'm quite happy with Owen, Haese, Haese and Bruce. I can't recall the details of others I've seen, but their books seemed better.
  6. David
    Is that higher or standard level? Found the standard level one but not the higher.
  7. I've moved over the CUP IB Higher books by Douglas Quadling, I suspect they are mostly rehashes of older A-level textbooks, but I find the level of detail very good and they include lots of past IB questions at the end of each section which is useful... They are very short on the GDC part of the course though, so if you are not confident with a GDC and you used this you could easily get to the end of the course not having taught them how to use the GDC properly!!

    I have a copy of the Heinemann book as a reference but haven't really looked at it yet... If it turns out to be any good (and they correct the errors others were mentioning) I may swap when we get the next syllabus change...
  8. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    The higher level book is actually very similar to the standard level one. A large part of the text and many of the exercises are identical. However there are extra topics and extra (harder) exercises.

    Of course, for higher level there is also the options book, which contains a lot of nice material; it's a shame most teachers insist on teaching the statistics option. Finally, on the CD for the options book there's the PDF only geometry book for those who will be doing IB further maths - which in my opinion is superior to A-level further maths.
  9. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    I was just wondering if you bought the Cirrito HL Core maths book or not Betamale.
    If not then I have a number of copies lying around from my HL students that have just left. If you give me an address I can send you one gratis.
  10. Hi Karvol.
    Yes I managed to source one though a teacher friend. Its great! Thanks very much for the offer though. Its nice to see some generosity in the world!
    I too have lots of books....so if you ever fancy a read, drop me a line [​IMG]

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