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Sunderland University GTP

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by amwa, May 1, 2011.

  1. I have! Hooray!! I have been offered a funded place for primary teaching. How about you?
    - Amy
  2. Hi Amy. Yeah I have been offered a funded place for Primary as well but now just have to find a school who has the time/resources to mentor me through it. The school i am currently working in has never took someone from GTP before so are a little reluctant I think. Do you know how the funding works?
    Which interview day were you on? There was an Amy on the same day as me but not sure if its you. I was on the Monday morning. Simon
  3. I am now all sorted. The school that i currently volunteer at in Cramlington has approached the university with the relevant questions etc and have agreed to take me as their first GTP student. Im sure it is guna go well and i cant wait to get started. I suspect there will be some sort of an induction day where we will have an opportunity to meet everyone.
  4. Hi there, I was also in the last group on thursday afternoon and have been accepted on the course. I have my school who has had teaching students in the past, but not GTP ones. I am so looking forward to starting
  5. Hi, i have been looking into applying GTP at sunderland and i'm just wondering if you know which schools in Sunderland are willing to take on GTP students?
    Thanks emma
  6. Hello

    I have got a funded place on Sunderland's primary gtp for 2011, looking forward to it but scared at the same time.
    Does anyone have any details about start date or anything yet? I have had no correspondence from the university since my offer.
    By the way my name is Susan, I would love to hear from others who will be on the course
  7. Hi Susan,

    I actually emailed Sunderland the other day as I was in the same boat, having received no information since the offer. I asked when we would be getting timetables and when we would be having to get updated CRBs and medicals etc.
    This is the reply... ' We shall be holding a Briefing Event in July about the Graduate Teacher Programme. All trainees, mentors and GTP co-ordinators shall be invited. As soon as the date has been confirmed we shall be writing to you.'....
    I guess it doesn't really answer any of our questions, but it put my mind at ease that they haven't forgotten us!

    Hope that helps put your mind at ease a little too :)

    Amy x
  8. Don't worry, you won't hear anything until the last possible moment. It was the same 2 years ago for me!
    Just finished my NQT year so there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
  9. Hi Amy

    thanks for that information. I am living in America at the moment and return to England early August, hopefully this will not be too much of a problem. I seem to be hearing that communication is not a strength of Sunderland university but the course is good and your host school has a lot of say in how your training is run. I am looking forward to it but terrified at the same time

  10. thanks, I did my degree with Sunderland and know how they operate but it still feels very late to be putting information out there; I was reassured by your words so thanks for taking the time to comment

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