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Sun hats

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Mrs Music, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Mrs Music

    Mrs Music New commenter

    Our daughter was a nightmare with this last summer - we really persevered with putting it back on her (hundreds of times some days it felt like!) and eventually she has learnt that she needs to wear it to go outside in the sun. She does still throw it off but only every so often now. We made sure we wore hats too and made a really big thing of it. Also it seemed to help when we took her out in the pushchair and there were lots of other babies and toddlers in pushchairs with their sun hats on, which we kept on pointing out to her.
  2. Mrs Music

    Mrs Music New commenter

    Oh yeah, I remember too slapping suncream all over her head too when she wouldn't keep it on - poor thing looked ridiculous as she has loads of hair, but better to be safe and look like a greasy monster! :)
  3. Sew a bit of elastic on it to go under her chin and hold it on? I'm sure that's what my mum did with us!
  4. I had thought of that wormburger, might just do that.
    I too had thought of putting suncream on his head, but he has lots of hair as well!
    Better get the needle and thread out!
  5. I've got one of the mothercare ones and the strap doesn't fit round LO's head! It's supposed to go up to 12 months [he is 8].
  6. H&M have some for boys in 3 colours that have a tie under the chin. A snip at £2.50 too! My LO wants to yank it off but can't ;-) HTH
  7. LOL! I can't believe this thought never even crossed my mind!! Double baby brain! My LO has learnt to keep hers on sometimes- when she feels like it... the strap does up just about (mind you she is 14 months!) The hat fits perfectly on her head though. We got her a winter one from H&M which tied on and was a godsend because when she realised she couldn't yank it off, she stopped trying, seemed happy to wear it, and even brought the hat to us when we were about to go out :)
  8. I read this thread the other day and was excited to find the answer to my hat problems! Popped into mothercare and was gutted to find they only did the small ones with straps! My 14 month old will not keep a hat on! I will also be fashioning some kind of strap to tie underneath. I've seriously gone off mothercare. Went in to get some summer pram shoes, a hat with straps and some summery boys rompers and came away with nothing as they only made them all in small sizes! He's not walking and has big feet and nowhere makes soft shoes in a 5! Grrr
  9. I had a really nice soft one with a velcro strap under the chin from gap last year. I haven't had chance to go back and see if they have them again this year. It was the only hat I managed to keep on her - I just had to ignore the mini tantrum when she tried to pull it off and couldn't
  10. Have you tried http://www.snugglefeet.com? They do their soft shoes up to 24-36 months which I think is roughly equivalent to a 5/5.5. My lo is 13 months, measures a size 4 and is wearing the snugglefeet 18-24 month shoes. I have also had to succumb and buy cruising shoes from Clarks though as she now wants to walk outside, holding one hand, and I didn't think the soft leather shoes gave quite enough protection from standing on things at the park.
    We have a sunhat that we sewed elastic onto and she still manages to pull it off. So she gets suncream all over her head and looks like it's gelled, very odd looking lol.
  11. Chull

    Chull New commenter

    I also got excited about the hats with straps and then found that they do not go up to a big enough size.
    My son will happily wear a wooly hat, but not a sun hat. At the same time, he has hysterics when I try to take his trousers off so he can go in the paddling pool. Its not that he dislikes the pool as he will quite happily go in it clothed but if I take his trousers off, he brings them straight back to me for me to put on again.
    We can get hats on when his hands are occupied, and he then seems to forget they are on.
  12. Sewed some elastic on and was amazed that he kept it on!

    For two minutes. While he was figuring out how to wrench it from his head. Oh, the yells of frustration, the fat tears rolling down chubby cheeks...the wide grin when he finally removed it and threw it out of the buggy!

  13. have you thought about one of these for a pushchair? http://www.protectabub.co.uk/
    We have one and it is fantastic. Isobel never kept her hat on until this year. I know it doesn't solve the problem of in the garden.. but might help.

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