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Summer School History Activities

Discussion in 'History' started by DavidERitchie, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. DavidERitchie

    DavidERitchie New commenter

    Does anyone have any cool history activity ideas for summer school?

    The periods I am currently looking at are: Stone Age, Tudors, Victorian Era, Nazi Germany and WWII.
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  2. warburtonja

    warburtonja New commenter

    Hi David,

    What ages are the pupils you will be working with? You could get them to do a 'recycled History fashion show' getting them to make historical costumes from recycled materials. I did this with my (usually sulky) Year 10s on the last lesson of term and they loved it (especially strutting down the corridor to show the Maths department their creations!).

    You could also get them to design board games e.g. surviving Tudor or Victorian England etc. It could also be done as an 'Apprentice'-style format with them making samples and then pitching the games to you.

    Making models is also lots of fun. You could do plague masks or posies as well.

    Depending on how outgoing they are they might also enjoy creating their own Horrible Histories song, making costumes and then performing/filming it. Alternatively, if you have ICT access they could also create a video for an existing Horrible Histories song.

    Hope this helps!
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