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Summer School Art & Design Jobs

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by hannah183, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am in my final placement of the GTP and have not yet found a job for September, I am therefore very keen to find some work over the summer holidays.
    I have looked for summer schools in the North East and preferably a post seeking a professional with Art & Design knowledge and have been unsuccessful.
    I am living in Middlesbrough and would prefer something local if possible as I do not drive.
    Can anyone recommend where I should be looking? Or provide any advice?
    Many thanks
  2. TEFL.com have loads of summer school vacancies each year although at this time of they year a lot of the vacancies will be filled. Most of the teaching positions are for English as a Secong or Other Language but if you become an activty leader you should be able to lead a few arts and craft sessions.
    If you can drive signing up to your local prision or youth offenders as a sessional worker can be lucrative. They have loads of hours over the summer and you should be able to get a few hours covering your subject
    Registering with Protocol National might also be a good idea. They've send me quite a few summer school vacancies over the last few weeks

  3. You might also want to apply to the WEA pool as they might be able to provide you with art and design work through out the year.
    Although they don't have any advertised vacancies if you send in an app they will contact you when they are putting suitable courses on in you area.


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