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Summer of 2003 halycon days of supply

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by anon507, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Great to hear your memories. It used to be ,"the most fun and enjoyable job in the world," too true......you could pick and choose,the phone was always ringing-directly from a school, when you got there the Head usually showed you around,staff had time to chat....I even remember knitting going on in the staff room at lunch time-and in staff meetings, some staff went home for lunch!! Vague requests -do some multiplication or They need to practice story writing....they haven't done time yet!! I could go on-happy days [​IMG]
  2. Ah Yes the Golden Era when the HT would greet you,staff would be lounging in the staffroom and would look up from their Cup-a Soups with a friendly "Hello you came back then".
    "They're not a bad lot we're doing the Romans"
  3. For me, having started doing it in 2001, I had guaranteed work, every day and NEVER sat by a phone in the hope of work. (which I now refuse to do)
    One Supply remarked to me in a staffroom, ' we are now on a par with the cleaner'. I didn't want to accept that, but the CS, has now reduced our status to a resented appendage. Yes, I can rememebr being told, how valued we were as a commodity, like Gold!!

  4. tabath

    tabath New commenter

    I also started in 2002 after leaving a full time post I had had for 7 years - we had 2 young kids and my wife had a better job so I was the one who became the flexible stay at home parent when needed.

    I could work when I wanted and where I wanted, turn down schools and not have to check how much I was being payed as it was all at the same standard rate. One year I worked full time on supply ! No wonder this country is dropping down the world league tables in education.
  5. I remember times like that. Not just 2003, Don't remember that year specifically, but most of the years 2000-2008 or so. Especially heads greating you, taking you round the school, making you feel one of the staff. Around 2008, I started finding for the first time tas who were not on the same page, and occasionally resenting supply presence and working against the supply.
  6. So glad you mentioned those days. I remember them too.

    Get up at 830, have bath, teaching agency calls, I accept role.
    Get on my bike cycle through London, sunny days, arrive at school at 10;20 welcomed like a hero for arriving (at all).
    get through day and drift home! I worked for inital-rentokil teaching agency then and teachweb. I think that's hilarious initial-rentokil is a great brand for a teaching agency!!!
  7. gud4age

    gud4age New commenter

    geffone clubbing!!
    That made me laugh after a **** lesson with year 10s

    the golden age of supply sounds bliss

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