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Summer Job??

Discussion in 'Primary' started by iloverolos, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. I am very short on pennies at the moment so the prospect of 6 week break is looking rather bleak :(

    Just wondered, am I legally allowed to take up a Summer Job?? Have seen a couple of childcare/ babysitting jobs advertised for Summer Holidays but wasn't sure where I'd stand given that I am employed and technically already being paid for Summer by my current employer.

    has anyone else ever done extra work over Summer?

    Thanks in advance!

    Rolos x
  2. Yes you are allowed - some contracts say that you have to ask your head for permission first, although seeing as its in the holidays even if you do I can't see that being a problem - the only thing is you might have to pay higher tax, but you can claim it back in April if you've paid too much.
    I do loads of extra work, term time too, have to to make ends meet :(
  3. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    Yes, no problem in doing this, I worked back in my old job in Tesco at Christams and have marked the KS2 SATs English papers this year. I knew a teacher who worked Sundays at M&S permenantly too.
    You will pay 20%tax on the 2nd job though unfortunately.
  4. Thanks pixie... out of interest, what extra work do you do? Im trying to find tuition posts or childcare but have read lots of scary things about being registered etc. which made me wonder whether I could do it!
  5. Hi,
    Just thought I would post that I have also arranged a summer job for 5 of the 6 weeks. I anticipate being incredibly bored for 6 long weeks, although the lay-ins are an attractive bonus! I didn't even consider when accepting my summer position whether I would be allowed to take it. Perhaps I should have! I was just seeing pound sounds in my eyes at that point lol!!
    I will be going back to my old job from my previous life in telesales. Ok, it's pretty dull but it's extra money and gives me the opportunity to converse with adults again! hee hee!
  6. I do exam marking about 4 times a year, private tutoring (I had an advert on a tutor site online http://www.firsttutors.com/ that charges the client to get in contact with you, so you don't have to pay any fees and have had a real range of jobs from that, as well as putting cards in likely area's newsagents/waitrose notice board), an then little bits and pieces that all add up, like online stuff like reveiwing things and surveys, sell garden stuff we've grown at car boots and online, and so on.
    The tutoring I think you are advised to have insurance blah blah blah, but I don't tbh - I do complete a tax return for it every year as obviously thats not PAYE, but my marking is PAYE so not a lot to sort out there and very good pay imho (I do Secondary marking as I used to be a Secondary teacher).
    I've thought about getting a supermarket job as well, as we'd get discount as well then, but its finding time to fit everything in :(
    Hope that gives you some ideas, good luck :)

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