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Summer Babies 2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by kitkat_13, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Well....I was holding off starting this thread...but I can't wait any longer!!!!

    I got a bfp on Sunday, and according to the dates I am due on the 15th June 2012!! Arghhhh...can't quite believe it! I have been over on the ttc thread for the last few months and found that thread so supportive :)

    I am looking forward to lots of other mums-to-be to join this thread so that we can all share the experience together!! As I haven't told anyone yet - and will not for a while, I want to be able to share my thoughts and fears on here.

    Looking forward to this thread filling up :)

    kitkat (4+4)
  2. I'm possibly on the borderline between spring/summer (due end of May - measuring 2 days behind where I'd be based on dates alone)... so I'm lurking on both threads. I think I'll tip over into early June to be honest since don't first pregnancies normally go slightly late?
    Your due date is my birthday! Great time of year to be born in terms of spreading the presents out throughout the year - lousy in that you have exams on your birthday all the way up school and uni!
  3. Congratulations MisterFlibble :) good to have someone else on here so quick!!! I don't feel any different apart from sore boobs so it doesn't feel quite real yet!! do u have any symptoms?? I wanted a summer baby - also wanted to time it so that my year 11's had left for study leave!! I would have felt too guilty leaving them before their exams :( xx
  4. nawoods

    nawoods New commenter

    Congratulations to the new summer thread people!! x x
  5. Only real symptom I've got (apart from atomic boobs of doom) is feeling very faint and dizzy at random, with odd bouts of evening queasy (wouldn't even call it sickness). Keep flipping out that it's all gone wrong again - caught myself panicking and boob prodding this afternoon - when I'd seen the flipping thing on a scan less than an hour before! We're having weekly scans for the first trimester though because of previous losses - so we're incredibly lucky in that respect. Consultant's fantastic - she's so down to earth and blunt, but it's a bluntness I need really.
    Thinking of buying a doppler for home when I get into the realms of being far enough gone to hear the heartbeat - before I drive myself bonkers.
  6. Thanks nawoods :) apologies for lack of paragraphs - my phone won't do them - neither will my computer :( Goodness MisterFlibble - weekly scans!! How long will you have to have those for?? At least you get to see LO - I'm going to have to wait ages :( oh well. Hoping that we are both lucky this time round :)
  7. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    ME! ME! ME! put me down for a place and I shall try my hardest to not miss the boat this time! (so many times I have wanted to join a new season's thread. [​IMG])
    Congrats to all mummies to be!
  8. There's a place just waiting - I so hope you join this thread soon xxx
  9. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    toeinwater - hope i get a place as well - am trying hard to not miss it this time!
  10. I just checked again this morning and it's still happening :( looks and feels like a normal period now but I will hang on to hope! I'll just have to wait and see xx
  11. My bleeding earlier this time looked like a heavy period (for me - mine are usually light) - went on for about a full day. Go to your GP, unless you live in an area where you can self-refer to the EPU - whatever happens you need scanning really to know what's inside!
  12. I think I will make an appointment - thanks for you advice MisterFlibble xx
  13. Other advice I'll give... DO NOT GOOGLE!
    You end up tying yourself up in knots alternately grabbing onto hope and abandoning all hope - because somewhere out there there's someone who's posted every single possible scenario. Also tonnes of stuff about "I bled at 4 weeks and lost it" - but then if you rationalise it - people are more likely to post their negative "need to tell my story" type things as some form of catharsis, than all those "bled heavily at 4 weeks and it was fine."
    I'm in with the recurrent miscarriage consultant every week and she basically sticks her fingers in her ears (like I say - she actually says "don't care" and sticks her tongue out!) when I mention bleeding as it's so utterly common for her that she's only ever concerned if it's clotty, goes through more than a couple of pads in under an hour or painful.

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