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Summer 2018 exam marking

Discussion in 'Science' started by annapratt24, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. annapratt24

    annapratt24 New commenter

    Is anyone else a marker for any of the exam boards?
    I have marked for the last 5 years and have just had my contracts through, but i have some real concerns.
    They have increased the amount of marking (smaller quota of papers but more marks per paper), they have not increased the time allocated to compensate for the increased amount of work load, and they have reduced the amount they are paying per mark. Compared to last year i would lose £80 for the same amount of work.
    So they want me to do 33% more work, in the same time, for less money. I know i should expect this being a teacher as that is all we have been used to, but now from the exam boards!!

    I would love to hear from anyone else.
  2. Silky22

    Silky22 New commenter

  3. TRJ

    TRJ New commenter

    I contacted the EB I have marked for for the last 4/5 years to be told due to reduced demand I don't have a contact.
  4. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    If this is GCSE it's possibly the outcome of the new specifications and Centres choosing to move to a different Awarding Body. Rumour has it that Edexcel Pearson are still looking for GCSE science examiners.
    TRJ likes this.
  5. janetstephenson

    janetstephenson New commenter

    OCR didn't need me this year. I gave up with Edexcel because they had a system where by you had to send your bank details on a certain day in the future. I like to respond to e mails there and then. AQA have me in reserve but no luck on being used as yet. I really wanted to do it to learn about the new exams.
  6. particlezoo

    particlezoo New commenter

    I have a similar problem, more marks, same quota, same time, same money. I'm also finding the marking more difficult his year as they are being so strict with the mark schemes

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