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Summer 2011 babies

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by puddle, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. I had a look but couldn't see a 2011 Summer babies thread. Am I the only one?
    I've just done a test and I'm PREGNANT! I'm so excited but I can't tell anyone. DP is away this week and don't want to say over the phone. I really can't believe that in the summer I'll have a baby. A real brand new baby.

    I've put dates into due date calendars and it says I'll be due (DUE TO HAVE A BABY! A REAL BABY!! ME!!) on June 20th. What a lovely day to have a BABY!
    Don't tell me not to get my hopes up. They are well and truly up!!
    So by my calculations I am 5 and a half weeks PREGNANT!! DP will be home next week and then I think we'll keep it quiet for a bit.

    Anyone care to join me?

  2. How exciting. I hope lots more summer babies pop along to join you soon [​IMG]
  3. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Yay for a summer babies 2011 thread! Congratulations on your bfp!!!
    Sadly I can't join you... yet... I hope to be able to join you soon. I'm pretty sure there are other people lurking on the edge of your post, so hopefully you'll not be alone for too long. Start organising the comfy pregnant lady chairs ready for the throng of ladies who will be joining you soon (hopefully I can be one of them.)
  4. Thank you both!
    Toeinwater - best of luck (if thats the right thing to say?! I dont think I can bring myself to say babydust - but you know what I mean!!). Hope to see you back here soon!!
    I feel a little naughtly because OH doesnt know yet. But I had to tell someone or there is a real chance that I would burst. So so so lucky. First pop at it (literally 1st time) and pregnant. Am stunned.

  5. awww
    congratulations. It is a bit weird (but nice) seeing this as I was on the summer 2010 babies thread and doesn't seem a year since our journey was starting.
    More will join you soon
    I look forward to reading more and seeing if anyone shares my due date/birthdate

    good luck and I hope you get more fellow preggos soon x

  6. congratulations - I bet there are some on the spring thread who didn't start a Summer one if that makes sense.
  7. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    Congratulations! I hope to be joining you in the next few days. Fingers crossed.
    CF x
  8. Hi puddle
    I would love to join you
    congratualtions on your pregnancy and to being the first in the summer 2011 babies club. I have just found out I am pregnant too. I am six weeks, so junior will be due around the 12th June. I am so excited I can't think about anything else. It must be really dificult not telling anyone. You had any symptoms yet? I am off work today feeling really sick today and I am also really moody and emotional.
  9. A Summer 2011 thread! Yay! Congratulations to all the mummies-to-be - hopefully I will get to join you soon! x
  10. Congratulations on starting the Summer 2011 thread! It doesn't seem two minutes since the Summer 2010 thread was started and now we are all mummies! Enjoy your pregnancy and get ready for the biggest adventure of your lives! Kayla xxx
  11. Yayy! Congrats to the new mummies-to-be!
    I'm bagsying (?) my seat and hope to be joining you very very soon! [​IMG]
    Come on the Summer 2011 BFPs!

  12. Hello emsy104 - congratulations! It's very exciting isn't it. Somehow the fact that I cant tell OH yet makes it easier to keep secret. Last week I had a really weird taste in my mouth when I ate an apple - kind of metallic but not exactly. Got sore (.)(.) and had a nose bleed. Last week before I had tested I felt slightly queasy, but only slightly. Probably in my head.
    Poor you with sickness already.Do you teach? What age? Are you finding it ok still?
    I'm a bit confused about possible due date (it doesnt seem real - even when I type that!). My last period started on Sept 10th and I have 31 day cycles. Or my period usually starts on day 31 so does that mean they're 30 day cycles? I have the occasional (every 5 months or so) 35 day cycle too. Going by that I would say/due date calendars would say due on June 20th.
    Very very few dtd's that month - OH away. Only once on Oct 3rd - way after I would have thought Id have ovulated. But somehow pregnant.
    Going by last period Id say 5 and a half weeks pregnant.Is it same based on when we actually dtd/late ovulation???

  13. Hi puddle-I'll join you both too. Tested on Sunday and 4 1/2 weeks pregnant so due on the 24th of June. I'm kinda terrified though as have been trying 20 months & was due at the fertility clinic on monday so am still nervous and think I'm actually in shock. No symptoms yet-just a slight sick feeling and sore boobs if I press them (prob best not to press them then lol) just gonna keep legs crossed for the next 8 weeks and hope for the best. have you been to the doctors yet? I've got an appointment for monday. Very exciting. T xxxx
  14. Congratulations Torri! No I dont have an appointment yet. Need to wait until I see OH before I anything at all that makes it real. I am pretty clueless about what I need to do. Do we need a doctors appointment - then do they contact midwives? What do we even say to the doctors - they dont retest these days do they?
    Let me know what happens at your appointment!!
  15. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    I casually check with my doctors the other day when I was in about something else. They say do two tests at home and then book for 6 weeks. It might be different where you are. BBC website has a pregnancy dating page. I think they call it Pregnancy Calender. You just put in your dates and it tells you when you are due and what stage you are at.
    CF x
  16. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    Congratulations all you mummies-to-be!! I bet you are absolutely thrilled and I hope that I will be joining you all soon! I wish you a very happy (and sick free!!) few months!
  17. Think they will contact the midwife but not sure. Am mainly going as been trying so long I'm concerned something might be wrong-or a read the test wrong & am not even pregnant hehe. Though can read the words pregnant so I'm sure it is correct. Will let you know what happens. t xxx
  18. thanks cf-I've done 3 tests now and plan to do another 2 before monday so that should be fine. Am so scared it's just gonna disappear. But must think happy thoughts and be positive. T xxx
  19. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    I'm sure it won't! AF due tomorrow, so will test first thing but know that it might not come up +ve for a few days if I am pg. Grrr. Fingers crossed though. Good luck with the docs. x
  20. Cityfree - thanks for bbc page tip. Its much better than when I last looked at it. Still confused with dates - if I put in last period I get in 5th week and due 20th june, when I put date of conception I get in 4th week and due June 26th.
    Will make an appointment at docs next week after OH gets back!

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