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Summer 2009 Babies Club

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by mermy, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. DJL


    Has anyone discovered Seabands? I was at the end of my tether having felt so bad since Christmas and the midwife was not happy yesterday with my low weight. I put Seabands on at 3pm yesterday and haven't felt the slightest bit nauseous since! I was very sceptical but they're definitely working. I've eaten normal food today (in small snacks still) and even had a cup of coffee with a friend at school which I haven't been able to do at all. I wore them in bed and literally leapt out of bed this morning at 6.30 full of beans! Managed to make my OH his morning cup of tea which he hasn't had for 5 weeks now as I couldn't stand the sight or smell of teabags! Highly recommended (especially to dianaprince! I'm still liking your Fanta!). The only downside is that none of my long sleeves are long enough to cover them, so I had to walk around all day holding the bottom of my sleeves to stretch them down. Fine in my own room as my team know and the kids wouldn't notice/ care, but not so good round school!
    I'm feeling so NORMAL! It's great. Saw midwife for booking appointment yesterday. She's a bit of an old battleaxe but will be competent, I'm sure.
    Interesting thoughts on pets, everyone. I imagine our cat will take one look and leave, but we'll wait and see! We'll be moving very soon after baby arrives, so cat might be better living with my mum (if she'll take her!).
    One more get-up this week. Hurray!

  2. I didn't get major morning sickess or anytime of day sickess... but I lived in my sea bands. for the first three months.. bees knees in my opinion!
  3. I'm really hungry. Tesco van isn't coming until between 7 and 9pm and there's not any fruit or anything in the house. There might be some Monster Munch, but don't know if I fancy that!
  4. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I feel like a bit of a freak now as I haven't been sick once and i'm now nearly 19 weeks. I did have a few weeks (about weeks 5-10) where I felt constantly hungry and kept feeling really nauseous but I never really thought I would actually be sick. My friend was saying that I did look pretty awful though - she said that I was constantly white as a sheet and I had massive bags under my eyes.
    I've also still been managing to go to the gym about 3 or 4 times a week, apart from when I had flu. Maybe this has kept me from feeling too awful?
    I do get really, really tired though which isn't helped by having to get up 4 times in the night to use the loo.

  5. chica, my friend had absolutely no symptoms at all apart from tiredness. Just consider it lucky :)

    I'm feeling **** at the moment. Mornings are hell again and as soon as I get home I'm asleep on the sofa but wake up feeling even more tired and sick than before. Twinges and headache and a strange dizzy spell today. I'm even dreaming about long uphill climbs and being tired and toilets and stomach ache.

    I don't think I can take it any more easy at work, I really am taking care not to do anything too strenuous.

    Also feel a bit down as now the initial novelty has worn off a bit I'm no longer being quite so looked after by Mr NL... he knew I was feeling rough all day today but hasn't done a thing which suggests he might have any sympathy [​IMG]

    uuuurgghhhh just feeling plain sorry for myself today.
  6. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    Chica, I am the same. I have not been sick yet. I am just CONSTANTLY hungry. I am eating like a pig at the moment. I think I had around 10 full meals today.
  7. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    Argh, I always forget to write half of what I wanted to write.

    Mossop, did Tesco arrive? I bet you are munching now.

    Hugs to everyone who has been sick. I have heard of the bands and I hope they can help you. Almost weekend and then we can relax.
  8. I am hungry a lot, but as I am only 7 weeks, think that is more down to greediness!
    I have moved to lucozade today! I am really sick in mornings, but seem alright at school (as long as I drink fizzy drink constantly!) I go to sleep when come home, feel sick, try dinner, throw it up, then go to bed!
    I will definitely try seabands- can you get them from chemists?
    I get fed up with sickness and yucky feeling, and you aren't supposed to feel bad about it cos it is pregnancy!

  9. Aye mermy, they arrived at the back of 7. [​IMG] I ate a whole frozen pizza to myself. Sheer greed...

    DP - yeah, chemists have them. Possibly larger supermarkets, too. (I know my local Tesco does).
  10. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Try Boots for those bands. I used to have some years ago when we used to get the ferry to France on holidays every Summer. They didn't stop me from puking up during the crossing to Calais and now those bands just remind me of that. Yuck! Thank god they invented the Eurostar!

  11. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    Piiiiiiiiiizza! Mmmmmmh!!! [​IMG]

    We had some friends with their baby over last night. My dogs were great, they were wagging their tails and happy about that 'funny' creature. They didn't jump just cuddles. Good sign.

    I got the date for my 12 week scan yesterday. It is the 05. February, 27 days and counting. I asked merman if it was worth paying for a private early scan. His wise words were:" If God wants us to have this baby he will make sure that it is fine. If not, then there is nothing we can do anyway." He is so right, but this nagging feeling whether everything is ok is driving me mad. I think it is already the mother instinct, we just want the best for our bumps.
  12. I'm always worrying too.

    I feel worse and more sick at home. I don't usually feel too bad at school and I'm eating my usual lunch no problem. But on the way home and at home when thinking what to have for tea I start to feel queasy and fussy.

    I am a nightmare at home in general at the moment. I'm having massive mood swings with poor o/h and feeling really really grumpy. He thinks I'm losing the plot! I think we would be best with twin beds at the moment because it's in bed when I get most annoyed! I'm waking up every hour and a half for the loo and then try to get back to sleep and he just seems to be sleeping really noisily!!

    Have a lovely day everyone - it's Friday! x
  13. Wait until you all hit about 19 weeks, then I ate like a horse for about a month! Didn't seem to put on any weight. So baby was in a growth spurt! I then grew quite large between Christmas and New Year. But didn't eat anything major.

    Becareful of lucozade, it does have caffine in there, although a small amount. I lived on lemonade with orange squash!

    The loo trips should ease as you get further on in the pregnancy, I now get up only once, but I know when I turn up to the third tri I'll back up in middle of night! Oh the joys of pregnancy!
  14. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I'm 19 weeks tomorrow Tilly! I hope I don't start eating like a horse or, knowing my luck, i'll get really, really fat!

    I really worry too as you have to wait ages between scans and midwife appointments. I had an appointment on xmas eve and I listened to the bay's heartbeat so I knew it was ok then. I've got my next scan on Jan 27th and my next midwife appt on Feb 25th.
  15. Just came on to recommend Lactulose to anyone that needs it. [​IMG]

    Has been an absolute godsend!

    Have had a lovely morning so far. My S3 classes seemed to be in a really good mood and they were working really well on a difficult grammar topic - modal verbs. I'm really pleased with them. Have spent this period photocopying as our reprographics lady has been unwell and not been in school this week, bless her.

    Hope you're all fine this morning? [​IMG]
  16. Lactulose? Can this be bought from a chemist? I'm really struggling!
  17. Chica, that is hellishly long time between appointments. I'm now 24 weeks

    I had my 20 week scan, I was actually 21 weeks, found out we're having a little girl. The head it a little small but within range apparently, little worried about it!

    You should have a midwife appointment at 21wks - 25wks, then bloods done at 28wks.

    I felt really fat at your stage then at 22 weeks I bloomed into having a very visible bump, I'm not a small lady either (16). Bumps tend to grow over night, one day it wasn't there an the next it was!!

    My morning was good, I love fridays - even though I teach all day, they are all top sets, which is so fantastic!!!

  18. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    What is Lactulose?

    Lucky you Mossop having good classes! My Y7s were just a real pain and kept chatting until I threatened to keep them in at lunch every day next week! My Y8s were ok though and I was doing future tense with them and made them do loads of writing. Last lesson I have bottom set Y9 and they are vile, vile, vile so am not looking forward to that. And then I have detention duty.

    After that I plan on going to the gym for the 3rd time this week! I hope that I can continue with this for as long as possible. My trainer said I should be ok to exercise up to about 8.5 months.

    Somehow some kids know that I am pregnant now. Some of my Y11 girls asked me yesterday if it was true, and they told me that a Y11 boy had told them. I haven't even seen that boy for months, so know idea why he would know. And one of my Y7s has just asked me. They're such gossips! I suppose it doesn't really matter at this stage as I will soon start to look obviously pregnant.
  19. Lactulose helps you go!!! At the moment I don't need help but will keep this in mind if it comes up the future!!

    Had terrible back ache today but other than that I feel ok.Still Haven't been sick at all- and feel so lucky after some of your comments. Won't be online til Monday probably so I wish everyone a lovely relaxing weekend and will catch up then

    Shelley x
  20. I am soo tired, I would lay money on the fact that I could fall asleep standing up!

    Me and hubbie are going to pilates tonight, which should be interesting, gonna try and get to chemist to get some of those bands before hand so I am not sick during session!

    I have eaten loads today- none of it healthy. Fruit makes me feel sick. So have had crisps, sandwich, and a plate of pasta from canteen! That is even before dinner time!

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