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Summer 2009 Babies Club

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by mermy, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. My sleep pattern is driving me mad too! I went to bed at half 7 last night, nodded off but woke up to watch master chef (I love it!) then I couldn't sleep after that even though I'm exhausted.

    I wake up loads of times for the loo and I'm just so restless in bed - it's definitely annoying o/h but I can't help it!

    Full day teaching today which I think is gonna kill me!

    Have a nice day everyone! x
  2. This is such a good idea. What a find! Its great to hear other people's experiences. I haven't been sick once yet which I'm very relieved about but really struggling to eat a lot at all.

    I know what everyone means about sleeping. I'm shattered and go to bed and toss and turn all night! Its mad and very very annoying.

    I work with pupils with special needs and all of my pupils are in wheelchairs and very dependent. Think its gonna be very hard not to lift or change them but I will have to watch the others doing it! I have 3 very lovely classroom assistants so they'll be alright with it.

    Wish everyone a good day today

  3. What gets me about the sleeping is the sudden tiredness. I will be sitting downstairs with hubbie, then all of a sudden I have to sleep. I am so tired I can't keep my eyes open. But I find it hard to get to sleep, and then wake for 80 wees!

    I am having very weird, vivid dreams at the moment, and getting really hot at night- the other night I woke up drenched in sweat- ewww!

    However, with my 2ltr Fanta by my side I have managed a roll today! God I look like a right wally carrying a bottle of fanta around with me- and I had it for breakfast- how chav!
  4. DJL

    DJL New commenter

    Glad you've found something to help, dianaprince. I keep finding something that works, then go off it after a couple of days. The Ritz crackers helped at first, now I can't stand to look at them. Then I found a cherry and cranberry squash that I could manage, but after bringing it back up a couple of times can't have it now! I did alright yesterday and ate reasonably normally. I even had a craving at one point (for a homemade chicken wrap, but couldn't have it as would have entailed going out, buying a chicken, roasting it and making the wrap!!). More yucky today though - working from home as PPA and my first midwife appointment this afternoon. Will make myself eat some lunch and drink some milk soon.
    Agree with the night time weeing problem - 5 times last night!
    Shell (can't remember the rest of your name and stupid site won't let me see) - I'm SEN too. No wheelchairs but couldn't cope with the normal level of poo on hands (not mine!!) yesterday. Had to teach two swimming sessions too and was exhausted!
  5. I know what you mean about your taste changing DJL. Things that I've been craving previously now join the much longer list of Things That Make Me Sick. Milk is the only thing that I've been keen on all the way through, I could still drink pints.

    I've settled into a sleep pattern which isn't ideal but isn't too bad (at least I'm sleeping!). At about 9pm I really start to struggle, by 9.30 I might as well have been drugged and couldn't keep my eyes open if I wanted to. Mr NL drags me to bed, of which I usually remember very little, as I crash again as soon as I get there. Then I sleep til 4am when I have to go to the toilet, then I have mad dreams and sleep on and off until the alarm goes.
    Today's been really hard work, I left the second the bell went and had a cracking headache by the time I came home [​IMG]
  6. I've had a horrid time of it since I got home from school. Not going to go into too much detail on here as it's far TMI, but I'm feeling rotten now. Hope you're all a bit better than me! x
  7. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    (((mossop))) Hope you are better soon.

    How is everyone else? I only woke up once last night, what a bliss. I already feel totally different today having had some sleep. We have almost made the first week and we can relax this weekend. And then it is only 5 weeks to go.

    Have a good day everyone x
  8. I'm tired - woke up more times than ever last night. I'm also srtuggling but again TMI!

    Never heard from the midwife yesterday as I was told but I think I'll leave it till next week before contacting docs.

    Only one more get up before weekend!

    Hope everyone has a nice day and doesn't feel too rubbish x
  9. Is anybody else feeling thicker round the middle already? I haven't been eating anymore I don't think!
  10. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    You probably woke up the times that I didn't.

    I feel thicker but it is probably just Christmas fat. I am eating like a pig at the moment. Constantly hungry.
  11. Thanks Mermy, I'm feeling much better today, but a little tender... [​IMG]

    Can't believe it's Thursday already! This week is passing so quickly! Today's my favourite day as I have 2 frees and my Advanced Higher class (class of 4 17-18 year olds. It's fab!). Hopefully the next 4 and a half weeks pass as quick! (We finish on the Wednesday for half term but we only get 3 days.)

    I'm definitely bigger. My stomach is protuding slightly and I can't suck it in like I could when I was just getting a bit chubby. It's probably just me being bloated, but I'm definitely starting to feel more 'pregnant'! Some of my trousers for work are getting *really* uncomfortable!

    Right, better go, class about to arrive...
  12. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    Good to hear that you are better. Yes, this week is really going fast. I also have a good day with a PPA. I want the next 4 weeks to whizz by and then I can relax because I will be 12 weeks. I will go shopping for clothes next week. I definitely started to squeeze in size 10.

    What I wanted to ask: Has any of you got dogs? I have three dogs and I know that I can trust them, but I am a little worried on how to introduce them and what precautions to take.
  13. Definitely thicker round the middle!! Went out to the theatre last night, had been booked for ages so even more tired today and trying to teach!! Madness.

    I was going to ask a similar question, I have 2 cats and am slightly worried too. I'm sure it'll be fine and I'm certainly not getting rid of them! Anyone with cats?

    Still haven't been sick thank goodness. Gonna get through today and head off home to bed!
  14. I've got one dog. I can definitely trust him and he's definitely staying - I adore him!

    We've already been joking about it though - he's going to be devastated! He is our baby at the moment. Always having cuddles with us on the sofa but that will have to stop obviously!
    <font face="Times New Roman" size="3"></font>
  15. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    Yes, but that is exactly the worry we have. Our dogs are our kids at the moment. We got the first one four years ago when I was told that I couldn't have children (ha ha, proved them wronge!) and we added one each year. They were our replacement for not having kids. Obviously we love them to bits and they are part of the family and we would not get rid of them. But I am worried that their behaviour will change, because someone else will take their place. A baby will need lots of attention, constant feeding, changing etc. I will still find time to fuss over my dogs, but less. I am wondering if their behaviour could change. Has anyone had any experience? Also, we have stopped them from snuggling up on the sofa and jumping up when they get excited, but I wonder if they see that as a punishment that they don't understand. At the end of the day, they did not to anything wrong.
  16. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

  17. We have three cats and there is no way they are going anywhere! At the moment they sleep in bedroom with us, but when baby is born and baby is in with us, they won't. When baby goes into own room I will put stair gate over door to stop them going into room, or shut them downstairs.

    You shouldn't be changing litter trays when pregnant- yay!

  18. Oh- no sickness during day yesterday! But I did drink a whoel 2ltr bottle of fanta! Feel alright today, now I have eaten. My problem is that when I can eat I eat loads, as I don't know when I will be able to eat next!

    I went to put some trousers on this morning and they wouldn't do up! But at 7 weeks, I think it is more water retention and wind, and christmas weight!
  19. Just finished work thank goodness. Thanks for advice on cats. Mine will have to stop sleeping in bedroom too. Think I will just have to see how things go at the time. I know about the litter thanks, luckily mine have always gone outside!!

    Anyone been for a first midwife appointment yet? What do they do? Think I'm gonna take a friend with me.
  20. I thought I'd come and join you guys... although technically I am having a Spring May baby...

    First midwife appointment, is basically filling in a form about your health, father to be health. family medical history, breast/bottle feeding, bloods taken, wee sample taken, height and weight done.. Well that was mine anyway!

    My friend had a dog, and what their midwife suggested was to introduce the baby to the dog, it will probably lick it's head to make it part of the pack. Same with cats really. I was bought up with cats from a baby and they won't like the noise so won't go in the room. They sometimes sleep with us, one of the tucks herself in under the duvet for a cuddle early hours of the morning, I'm sure the cats won't like it!

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