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Summer 2009 Babies Club

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by mermy, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    It looks like some of us are expecting and we are all due in the summer. I was wondering if you wanted a thread were we could just chitty-chat about our pregnancy ups and downs. So, mossop, skyler, dianaprince and maybe more, I hope you are up for it. [​IMG]

    A quick introduction of myself: I was told that I couldn't have children and the doctor confirmed Christmas Eve that I was pregnant. It came as a shock, but it is definitely wanted. I am almost 7 weeks now and due date is around 22. August. This Sunday I will meet my midwife and I can't wait. I have so many questions. I am over the moon, but have only told my closest friend about it, because I am scared that something could go wrong. Fingers crossed, everything will be well.
  2. DJL

    DJL New commenter

    No - I can't stand the sight of orange juice and really like it normally!! I'm having a bad week with nausea and a little bit of sickness. Feel rough most of the day, but it's worse at night and that's when I'm sick. Worried about how I'll cope at work next week.
    On the positive side, we're very happy and excited about this baby and didn't expect to get pregnant so soon after coming off the pill (a few weeks). I'm nine weeks today and seeing the midwife next week. Scan is booked for the 26th Jan. We told close family over Christmas and they're very excited!
    Good luck everyone!

  3. I hope you don't mind me joining you all. My estimated due date is 23rd August. I have my booking-in appontment with the midwife on the 10th - a Saturday which makes life easier. The letter says the appointment will last 1 - 1 1/2 hours. What's she going to do that will take that long?

    DJL - your symptoms are exactly like mine. I've definitely had 'evening sickness' not morning!

    I hope everyone has an easy return to work next week.

  4. Hi, Im new to this forum but thought I'd join to get some moral support from people like me in my sort of job! I'm 34, a head of a dept in a secondary school (although i am also the ONLY teacher in my dept! LOL) and found out 3 days ago I was pregnant, we have yet to get the doctors confirmation but it has been estimated at about 5 weeks ISH, which I have worked out means a late August birth I THINK! Its our first..we were trying but I am still shellshocked!
    Im not sure what to do about work; I mean, who do i tell and when, what if i get bad morning sickness, we're due an ofsted and having done 3 I know how ill the stress made me without being pregnant during one, what can i do about that?? I am trying not to let my work related stresses add to my stresses but they are! are any of you the same?? HELP!!!
    ps congratulations to everyone :D

  5. Mine took 1 1/2 hours - we were just blethering for most of it. But it took ages to go through all the notes that she had to fill in and also the amount of information you're given is terrifying!

  6. Hi id also like to join this thread, i have an EDD of 19th August with my third child ( my first child passed away lots of complications) so this is my second child but third really. We are very excited but i am also very scared. I also have my first scan on the 26th Jan, i cant wait!!!!!!

    We have told close family and friends (although i just cant stop telling people) and i have told my head at work.

    I have been absolutely fine until a few days ao and i also have evening sickness and i am soooooo tired its not ridiculous. I also have the orange juice desire although it could be any juice i am so dehydrated.

    Im really glad to join this forum and share experiences!!
  7. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    How exciting, it is getting full here. It will be lovely to share stories.

    Diana, don't you worry. If my bump decides to wait, it could be a September child. Although I will try everything possible to make it still an August baby.

    You know what I am worried about at the moment? I have been sooo tired throughout the holidays and we have to go back on Monday. I really don't know how to get through a day by firstly getting up 5.30 am, then teaching and not being able to nap or rest. Plus we are not allowed much caffeine as pregnant ladies (I have switched to decaf tea), so I think I will really struggle. How am I supposed to keep myself awake?

    Is anyone else also struggeling to sleep? For about a fortnight I have not had a night without interruptions. I wake up around every 2-3 hours to either go to the loo or after weird dreams. Merman was joking, he said "ah well, get used to getting up a few times a night". Cheeky, but he is right.

    Oooh, I am so jealous of everyone who told family and friends already. Merman doesn't want me to, he is over-cautious. It is bliming hard to keep it a secret when you are so excited. I might blurt it out at school though, he wouldn't know :)

    Status update:

    Current cravings: eggs and big bombay boy extra hot pot noodle (mmmmhhh)

    Current hates: chocolate (Really, I am off it!)

    No sickness yet (Yay!)

    Boobs are getting better (Again yay!)
  8. Status update:

    Current cravings: chinese takeaway, fizzy orange lucozade, pizza

    Current hates: fried egg

    No sickness at all.

    Boobs are stlll fupping sore!
  9. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    I found your culprit:

  10. I felt sick constantly for last two days. Today not so bad- have found that when I get hungry and feel worse so have been eating little bits all the time.
    cravings- chicken and bacon sandwiches (I am vegetarian!) But generall crusty big doorstop sandwiches, fanta (?)
    can't stand- smell of eggs, thought of cheese, actually thinking about or smelling any food makes me feel sick, but I am alright once I eat it.
    I hope to return to work next week (been off for a few weeks...long story) but I am soooo tired! And no caffeine! I am so paranoid about miscarriage that I have cut out caffeine althogether- which is hard because I am usually a ten cups of tea a day girl!!

  11. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    I am also mega paranoid. I had up to 20 cups of tea before. And now I am on the caffeine free stuff, just to keep me going. It is not the same though.

    Your cravings reminded me of Phoebe from Friends. She also suddenly craves meat even though she is a vegetarian. Have you had any meat, or do you just crave it?

    I also want to be sick, I feel left out. Boohoo! (I know, silly, but still...)
  12. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    I am also mega paranoid and try to take any advice. I don't want to lose this baby. I have up to 20 cups a day, even the kids at school know that I am addicted. I can't go without, but have switched to caffeine free tea.

    Your cravings reminded me of Phoebe from Friends. She also suddenly wants meat even though she is a vegetarian. Have you had any or is it just the cravings?

    I also want morning sickness, I feel left out. I know it is silly, but still... Boohoo!
  13. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    Right, sorry for this weird double posting. I wrote the first post, then clicked 'post' and compy screen went white and then told me that it faild and to try again. I wrote the second post after, which is similar only different wording at times and hence there are two similar posts. Sorry.
  14. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I'm 18 weeks today and baby is due on June 6th, so looks like I will be the first one out of everyone on here!

    I haven't been sick at all although I went through a few weeks where I felt really crappy. I don't have any cravings at all, and there is nothing that makes me feel ill. I couldn't drink coffee or tea for a while but that seems to be fine now, although I have switched to decaff.

    The worst for me is the tiredness. Sometimes i have cried in the morning before school as i've been so exhausted and the thought of getting ready and teaching for 5 hours has made me want to crawl back into bed. I sometimes go to bed as soon as I get in from work.

    I've got my next scan on Jan 27th and that's when we find out if it's a girl or boy! I'm really excited about that one!
  15. So exciting to find out sex of baby- have you thought of anynames?
    Threw up this morning then went to sainsburys and the smell of everything made me feel ill.
    Have now had some ginger tea mmmm and toast and feeling better, but so tired!!!

  16. Well, I actually managed to get out of bed in the morning - first time this holiday I think apart from Christmas day!! Trying to get into a routine before work on Monday. Oh man, I'm dreading Monday so much.. [​IMG] It's only 6 weeks until half term in Feb for us when we get a long weekend (Thurs, Fri, Mon) and 2 inset days (so a week off for the kids) but it seems like ages away! Have been hinting at OH to whisk me away for the long weekend as it's my birthday then (on Fri 13th - spooky!) so let's hope he takes the hint!!!
    I got some marking done last night, which was impressive, but I've got loads more to do before Monday. So, I'm away to get dressed and go to the post office with a parcel for my friend who had a baby boy (so cute!) the other day and then I'm going to get on with some work! Rubbish...

  17. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    Hi Chica, I think some of us would also like to be as far as you already. I bet you are excited finding out the sex. As Diana asked, have you got names yet?

    I managed to plan my lessons for next week, hooray! At least that is out of the way. And the fact that it is only 6 weeks has also cheered me up. But I really have no clue how to stay awake. Grrr....

    Tomorrow I will meet my midwife for the first time. Really excited about it, it's another step further.
  18. Hi- I'm also an expectant mummy going back to school on Monday- and absolutely dreading it! I am 12 weeks pregnant and following a miscarriage earlier on this year I didn't mind my constant sickness this time round as it reassured me that things were okay. I just focussed on making it through to the Christmas break so that I could relax and hopefully the sickness would be gone by now........ hmmm........ it hasn't quite worked out that way and the sickness is still constant!
    We're so happy that it makes it all worth it but I must admit that I am a bit worried about coping in school- it was very bad before the break, I was often having to run out of my classroom to throw up at least three times a day. I feel a bit sorry for some of my classes- they must think I'm terminally ill or something!

    I'm going to be telling my Principal on Monday and I'm quite nervous about it for some reason.... sounds silly really. My scan is late because they are so busy at the moment so I won't have it until 13th January when I'll be 14-15 weeks I think. It has been really good reading evrybody's posts on here- my friends are great but I don't think that some of them realise how much time and energy goes into teaching- and therefore how difficult it is to sustain that whilst feeling awful!!

    Well, good luck on Monday to all of you- I'm thinking about when to start getting organised for Monday- no time like the present I guess..........................
  19. I wish I'd managed to get my lessons planned! Well done mermy.

    The last couple of days I've had really bad nausea and vomiting. I wasn't planning on telling work for a good few weeks yet but if this sickness keeps up I'm not sure how I'm going to avoid it. I think I'd rather tell the head myself than have her find out through the rumour mill that I've been throwing up every day. Having said that in our place once the head knows so does everyone else.
  20. Well, I've not started working yet - I forgot that the tennis was on. Not long now though. I got a delivery from Next and Debenhams this afternoon which was nice! I'd ordered some maternity clothes in the sales, so just tried them on and they're great. The jeans I could wear now because they're stretch-with-the-bump type ones, but the shirt and cardigan look massive at the moment! Can't imagine getting that big!!! Can't wait though!


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