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Suitable website company for a nursery school

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by pmp4, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced website company (like Web Anywhere) that could provide a site for a small Nursery school?

  2. When you say "provide a site" this could mean one of two things.
    1) You are looking for a provider who will host your pages (I use a company called 1 & 1 who are quite good). They will provide webspace, emails, manage your domains (www.myschool.com) and the like
    2) Someone who actually creates some are all of your web pages to your rough design.
    I think you mean the latter. TBH I am somewhat cynical about 'education specialists' (there is some truth in the 'call a chair an education chair and double the price'.
    You might be better off with a local person (there's bound to be some) who at least you can whack with a blackboard rubber if they don't do what you want. Do some rough paper sketches of the sort of thing you want and see what they'll charge.
    Web Design isn't actually that difficult, you could look at Serif (I know, I don't like it as a learning tool, but for knocking up a simple website of a few pages quickly it's fine)
    School web sites are like School newspapers. Started up with all kinds of excitement and ideas, but rarely get to Issue#2.
    If you really just want an information site where parents et al can look at pictures of your school, read your latest OFSTED report, see who your staff are and so on - which is what most of your readership want to actually see - you can do that fairly cheaply.
    If you want a rolling news thing, then why not just use a blog and link it from your website, for example.

  3. Before we had a learning platform in school (we used Uniservity) which enabled me to edit easily with no coding/website experience, I used a wiki - there's several free options out there, eg wikispaces and pbworks, which make it quick and easy to set up an online presence at a low cost - and perhaps with an enthusiastic member of staff or the PTA it could provide an effective alternative to spending lots of money on external experts who don't quite get all the things on your site that you need or update it in real time to e.g. say that sports day has been cancelled because of the weather!

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