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Suitable Clothing for Teaching

Discussion in 'Primary' started by wolverina, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. My wardrobe consists of black trousers, plain tops and cardigans! Comfortable and practical and where possible clothes are bought from charity shops as I refuse to pay top whack for clothes to work in which I wouldn't otherwise wear!
  2. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    After 10 years of teaching, my 'uniform' is plain black trousers. cotton top and cardigan. Every time.
  3. Me too. Though I sometimes wear a jumper rather than a cardigan and I do have a pair of dark grey trousers.
  4. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    No cleavage, no thigh, no flip flops.
  5. i wear basic 'business' trousers - black / subtle stripe / dog tooth something like that and a nice tope - not too low.
    I don't wear skirts and dresses much anyway except for weddings or similar but if you do i would just say to make sure you can move - stretch and bend without worrying about showing more than you intend. you need to be comfortable and be yourself but not cause embarrassment to anyone - children, parents or other staff.
  6. I think this partly depends on the age you are teaching too. EYFS/KS1 can get away with less formal and more flexible clothes like leggings with a knee-length dress over it. As long as it is not indecent, you have to remember you will be getting up and down a lot, sitting on lots of floors/playgrounds etc, getting mud/paint/glitter on your clothes.
    In KS2 I think the staple black trousers is a good bet, but maybe brighten it up with more colourful tops and cardigans!
    Also PGCE year is tiring and hard work, so any clothes that you don't have to iron are a God-send! I have some tops which are crease-effect which is very handy indeed!
  7. I wouldn't buy too much clothing until you know what school and stage you are teaching. Some schools have a much more formal dress code than others. Also if you are in the early years you might choose something a little more fun and in the upper stages something a little more businesslike. At least I do. But lots of mix and match and if you need to meet parents a couple of easy to wear classic shift dresses that can be worn with a jacket or good cardigan has served me well.
    In general I agree with the others, easy to wash and wear, affordable, uniform like, (easy to choose what you are going to wear) and modest.
    A must is comfortable shoes.... and if you are in the early years something with a wedge or flat heal, as you don't want to be stepping on all those little finges with high heels (ouch)
    I think trousers are popular as you can bend and get on the floor and up again modestly. Layering is advised as you never know what temperature the classroom you work in will be (aircon, no heating, etc)

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