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Suitable bags for teachers

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by sj24uk, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. What sort of bag is best for teaching? I am a pgce student and i seem to be taking in more and more bags into school and its starting to get on my nerves! I take my laptop, 3 folders and other resources/marking and need something more suitable. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. What sort of bag is best for teaching? I am a pgce student and i seem to be taking in more and more bags into school and its starting to get on my nerves! I take my laptop, 3 folders and other resources/marking and need something more suitable. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    I like the new Tesco Finest bags (less than a £1) - black with a silver handle. They're good for books/folders etc. I'd then have a laptop bag and a handbag (or similar for lunch, wallet etc)

    It's not worth spending lots of money on this, as once you're qualifed you won't need to lug so much about.
  4. Hi! I'm in my NQT year now and have found THE best bag for school stuff! Paperchase do a shopper bag and they bring out new designs every season (I have two!!). They're big enough for a lever arch file, lunch, laptop, a billion pens...you get the idea! And they cost about ten quid! Alternatively, something I found useful on a 2hr commute across London on public transport was a funky trundle made by lakeland ltd. Its basically like a crat on wheels which can be folded down after! You'd get a lot in there too! Hope this helps x
  5. *crate* - sorry but it's Saturday....I can't spell at weekends!
  6. I have one of those paperchase bags too :) they're very sturdy.
  7. I am in the same position. At the moment I am using my small laptop bag (for my small laptop). I take the Black 'tickled pink' Asda re-usable cloth bags for folders. THey are ver strong and cost 70p. THey can carry about 4 Lever Arch files. When I have a really heavy day I pop 2 of the Asda bags and my laptop bags into a funky trundle type thingy but it is already broken so I need to find something better

    I am also determined not to kill myself with bags before I qualify.
  8. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    Funky trundles work fine on smooth surfaces, but they don't do well on rough surfaces as they don't have proper wheels.
  9. candyshrimp

    candyshrimp New commenter

    Something you are not bothered about!

    My fabric black bag got covered in strawberry yoghurt in the dining hall before christmas!!!!

    Wasn't even my yoghurt!
  10. Depends if you want something fashionable or practical. I have purchased 3 large blue bags from ikea. They are massive, they hold all the marking, resources, folders etc and then I take a bag for lunch and laptop bag. The blue bags hold loads and fit over your shoulder. They cost 25p in ikae at the moment.
  11. This is a question that seems to crop up quite often - I know that there's aleady a thread on this somewhere...

    I'm NQT now, so I have a lovely big lab to store all of the stuff I seemed to carry everywhere during my PGCE (not wanting to rub it in or anything!), but while I was training the boxes that hold copier paper proved invaluable - just the right size to carry while the bag's on shoulders!
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  12. like someone else said, i used the asda black tickled pink bags, i found one was usually enough, also got round the laptop issue by buying a memory key to store all my work on, could be abit of a pain to find a pc i could use occasionally but far better than lugging a laptop around!
  13. I found a brilliant bag in Decathlon. It's an "office gym bag". So it has a pocket for a laptop and three large pockets that are big enough to fit 2-3 files in. Plus it has a pocket and little eyelet for you mp3/cd player. It was a bit more pricey at 14.95, but it's working fine for me.
  14. I used to use a medium sized trolley case to wheel my stuff to the 13 classrooms i taught in in a week in my NQT year - got called "the bag lady" by some of the older kids but hey that just added to my mysterious image as the 'new teacher'!
  15. I too now use the ASDA tickled pink bag as i have my own desk and cupboard (sadly not my own classroom)

    I am no longer mysterious or new :(
  16. i got a gr8 shopping bag 49p home and bargins

    black canvas material with home and bargins on the side! it deos the trick

    can fit 3 lever arch files in it laptop etc

  17. Thanks! Your link didn't work but found the shop dotcomgiftshop.com and found these amazing jumbo storage bags...and they look REALLY good... not so much bag lady as stylish/vintage lady for under a tenner.
  18. -myrtille-

    -myrtille- Occasional commenter

    I have a nice satchel which I use as my main bag for school - big enough for an A4 notepad, teachers planner, small folder etc., and as my laptop is a small notebook sized one, that fits too.

    My first placement provided me with a school laptop, which came in a laptop bag, so I left my computer at home and used that. I had a plastic crate from Tesco which I stored all my folders in and kept them at school in a corner of the MFL office.

    On my 2nd placement I had to take my own laptop, and there wasn't any room for my crate of folders so I left it at home. I normally just managed with my satchel for my planner and laptop, and used a shopping bag for my lunch and if I needed to bring an extra folder in.

    I would say that it isn't necessary to lug all your filing to and from school each day. All you really need is your lesson plan and resources for each class you're teaching that day, plus class info like a class list, photos, seating plan and SEN info/data on levels etc. My main folder was a 40-sheet document wallet, sectioned up for each class I taught, and it served me very well.

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