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Suggestions for very high display board - Year 2/3

Discussion in 'Primary' started by anon_555, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. I had one of those last year. I used pale blue background and got my class on transfer day to make buzze bees and flowers using tissue paper (rolled up). Made a huge birthday display with the seasons in it. Autumn was a tree with the children's handprints falling off. Winter was a showman (a mound of cotton wool used!) Spring was the flowers and bees with long grass. Summer was a beach (use sandpaper though, I tried to "make" sandpaper - worst idea EVER!). Then just stuck up laminated names and dates for their birthday's. The children love it and it encourages which months are in which season. Though this was in a year 1 class...
  2. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    Yes-I was going to suggest a Birthday display too.
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I'd paint it the same colour as the walls and pretend it's not there after all no one is going to use it
  4. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    I've seen a great display that I am going to 'steal' for next year! The teacher had created a year in ....class display which included lots of photos and quotes from children. It is lovely to look at and you can really see how the chn have grown up over the year. It is also really personal and only needs adding to once per term (only the autumn term will be tricky to reach?)
    Hope this helps! [​IMG]
  5. warmandfuzzy

    warmandfuzzy New commenter

    Thank you!
    Unfortunately, it's one of only a few display boards, so it's one I kinda have to use. And it's long horizontally, not vertically, so it'd all be hard to reach, and they wouldn't be able to see the photos unless they were big.
    Was thinking about key voacb (but not sure they'd look at it), a phoneme chart (like the RWI one), could probably do a birthday display with photos, and will keep thinking
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    There is plenty of research to suggest anything above eye level in a classroom isn't looked at
  7. I have several boards like this in my classroom. I use them for permanent 'reminders'. I have one for VCOP and writing level criteria progression, and another for RUDECAT (maths word problems mnemonic).
    I don't expect the children to use them independently (although some do), but do use them all the time by referring the children to them as appropriate.
    You could have something similar - alternatives words for 'said', 'powerful verbs', 'wow words', fraction wall etc etc...
  8. warmandfuzzy

    warmandfuzzy New commenter

    That sounds fab...could do lessons on those powerful words in the first few weeks, and then get them up. Love the idea of a fraction wall too!
    Thanks again!
  9. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    But if the wall is so high it is hard for you to reach, is it realistic to expect the children to keep looking up at it for inspiration? Really?

    They say adults rarely buy what is on the top shelves of supermarkets, so the least profitable items go there. I'm assuming your boards are higher than this and that your children are shorter than the average adult...

    Do one of those 'freidnship paintings' on a piece of paper long enough to cover it. Allow only pastel colour paints and then staple it up. That's it and done.
  10. warmandfuzzy

    warmandfuzzy New commenter

    The wall is just above the whiteboard, so not uncomfortable to look at, just a pain in the a** to reach, to change. It will a helpful display that stays put, with a birthday display and the ideas listed above...perfect!!
  11. You could have a 'aiming high' target display. "A level 2b reader can..." etc.

    You could refer to them as the 'aiming high targets' as they're actually high?
  12. warmandfuzzy

    warmandfuzzy New commenter

    Haha love it!
  13. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    We have a number line that goes around the classroom, right at the top of the wall by the ceiling. It is well used as we refer to it often!

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