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Suggestions for upbeat musicals suitable for a Rock Band rather than orchestra!

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by japonica892, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. japonica892

    japonica892 New commenter

    Hi All
    We have just finished Schools We Will Rock You which was an amazing success...so much so it will be hard to top it so I thought I would get my thinking cap on really early ...any ideas for a modern upbeat musical that we can do using a Rock Band rather than an orchestra.
    Also has anyone done Chicago? I have always steered clear of it due to some slightly racy bits but love it......what does everyone else think?
    In the past we have done:
    Grease, Bugsy Malone, The Rocky Monster Show, Joseph, Sequinned Boots and Platform Boots, Babes in the Wood (panto..shudder!) I want something to blow their socks off again that the kids will love.

    All ideas gratefully received!
  2. I don't think the musical rights for Chicago have been released.
    Perhaps Hairspray, depending on the cultural make up of your school! There's a search engine on Josef Weinberger's site which shows the make up of musicians needed. We're the same as you - we did Schools Will Rock You and Grease, both with rock bands. We're looking at Footloose next.
  3. Jesus Christ Super Star?
  4. Sequinned Suits and Platform Boots#

  5. 'Back to The 80s' went down well when we did it last year! The rights were quite expensive though!
  6. cupofteacher

    cupofteacher New commenter

    We did Little Shop of Horrors Last year, not with an Orchestra, but with a band. Worked well!
  7. stephgod3

    stephgod3 New commenter

    Return to the forbidden planet!!! very rock & Roll- you just need someone on board to sort projection of visual effects. I agree little Shop is fab too
  8. japonica892

    japonica892 New commenter

    Done Sequinned Suits eesud...fab!
  9. japonica892

    japonica892 New commenter

    Thanks all for suggestions...some I hadn't thought of there although Little Shop was one we are considering! I had forgotten about Jesus Christ Superstar.
  10. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    You could write your own.
  11. I would love to have seen it when you did it!!! Do let me know... really glad you enjoyed.
  12. japonica892

    japonica892 New commenter

    It was great fun eesud....we built a stage in the middle of our hall with large screens across the back and my very talented hubby made a moving set which we projected from behind onto the screens...even the TV in the sitting room scene had programmes moving on it!!!! Very visual and the kids loved it! Thank you!!!!
  13. Hairspray is very expensive, we looked at it and simply didn't have the funds and did A Night at the Musicals instead.

    This year, we're doing Blood Brothers, the play just with 'Marilyn Monroe' as the musical rights aren't available and we have some fabulous actors/actresses.
  14. angelinascullina

    angelinascullina New commenter


    I teach musical theatre and have directed a gazillion shows. Once you have trodden the well worn paths it does get a bit tricky to find suitable material. My musician husband and I started writing our own shows and now they are being used by schools and theatre groups across the country with one group taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe... Richard Harris is now our patron and some big theatre schools are looking at our work.
    Anyway, enough about us! Rock musicals always go down well with cast and audiences and we have two available if you would like a listen/read. SWARM: ATTACK OF THE KILLER BEES is our B-movie inspired musical, it is a huge show with plenty of roles and a chance to work with puppets! It is our answer to Little Shop which we LOVE but it is only a very small show and does not cater for large casts, the plant also poses an issue and hiring set can be very expensive.
    The other rock show we have is hot off the press and due to premiere in a few months in Sussex (but I could email you a perusal if you are interested). It is basically NARCISSUS the musical!.....sounds odd but it works and the score is very White Stripes meets the Rolling Stones...the kids are loving it. It is called ADORED and is ideal for secondary aged performers. Anyway, not sure if this helps. I know some people like to go for known shows but really we all know that parents will support whatever and sometimes it is good to do something fresh and exciting. Have a look at our shows at www.luckybucket.co.uk and email if I can help. You name the show and I have probably been there and done that and I genuinely feel we can help teachers in your position . All the best with whatever you decide to do

  15. angelinascullina

    angelinascullina New commenter

    I feel like I am popping up everywhere like spam but I think I can help here too. Blood Brothers is a fab play and musical. My students loved every minute of it and we could only do the play at the time due to rights. Top choice. However if you would prefer to do a musical but like the themes and setting of Blood Brothers then have a look at THE KID ON OUR STREET (www.luckybucket.co.uk)
    I directed it a few years back and it is set in 1960's Liverpool, has some great characters, memorable songs and one simple static set. It centres around Harry Grimes, a young autistic boy stuggling to get along on Townsend Street. It sounds heavy but it is really funny in places.
    Maybe one for the future.....

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