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Suggestions for songs for talents assembly

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Blythe, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. I'm doing a class assembly soon, which has a message of using your talents and trying your best at everything. I'm struggling to come up with ideas for songs to use in the assembly. So far the ideas I have come up with are:

    Take That - Shine

    S Club 7 - Reach

    Heather Small - Proud

    Ideally, I'd like quite recent songs to use, but all time classics could be good too.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received!!
  2. Anyone, please?!
  3. Hi - those all sound really good! This might be cheeky & sorry in advance, but just wondering what your plan was for the assembly - I need to do the same one next week & can't think of what to do for it that's not complicated (new class, no ICT, music etc!!)
  4. Slightly different suggestion but have you come across Fischy Music? They produce a book called 'Build Up' http://www.fischy.com/shop/songbooks/build-up-songbook/ and it has two songs which might be appropriate. One is 'You are a star' and the other is 'I'm the only I'. Both songs are basically about being special and everyone has their something to offer.
  5. Thanks for these, I'm doing a class assembly in a few weeks and wanted to display our talents, I've been searching for good songs for the class to sing, had completely forgotten about 'Reach'!
    You've saved me a lot of searching time [​IMG]
  6. What about that one from Glee? Don't stop believing by Journey.
    Many of the Glee songs are quite good because they have ben 'sanitised.'

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