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Suggestions for Media based Apps for teaching on Ipads?

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by ThereAreBunniesInMyHead, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    My school has purchased a number of IPADS to allow students to do mobile research / flashy lessons etc..

    Each department has been asked for a list of apps they think would be good for their students to use in lessons. Any suggestions for media teaching?

    We wanted You Tube but as per usual the school have blocked it. So anything else?
    The topics we teach at GCSE are magazine production, print advertising and film marketing (plus TV Crime drama next year) and at A-Level we teach film opening sequences, TV drama, magazine instititutions & audiences, music video production and british identity in film & tv.
  2. Hi MediaBecky -
    At Film Education we're looking into creating apps to accompany our online resources. This year's Teaching Trailers Secondary resource (all about film marketing, which I see you're teaching) has a free-to-download app for Andriod, with an Apple one coming soon.
    The website is freely accessible here:
    Here's the app page:
    The Apple version should be live in the next week or so. If you'd like more info please email secondary@filmeducation.org

    Best wishes

    Film Education team

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