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Suggestions for Early Years/Reception Class CPD please

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by wishful, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Can anyone suggest any good Early Years/Reception class CPD courses (preferably online) that I can do over the summer. I'm desperate for some practical ideas and training as I'm relatively new to EY/Reception class and was originally secondary SEN trained although I have done a LOT in primary). This is a cover position that may go on until next March so I really need to put some work in before September.
    I've got a full years worth of plans from a friend but I want to develop my own expertise in this area. Any books with good ideas, websites, videos etc would be more than useful. Anything really. Many thanks in advance.

  2. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    My first piece of advice would be to say thank you to your friend and return her plans.
    Look at ABCDoes for CPD
  3. Thanks for the starting point Msz. I'll have a good look at that link [​IMG]

  4. I'd take a trip here if you can:

  5. Thank you, that is an excellent link. I'll definately be taking a trip over there. [​IMG]
  6. Try Mindstretchers - they have a range of course that are very relevant to EYFS and the new framework we are going to be going through - they also have a range of publications which i highly recommend - especially the learning pathways and talking and thinking floorbooks

  7. not sure where you are in the country - but i went to a nursery on Friday and i was blown away by how fantastic it was - the outside environment was amazing...
    if you get chance to go and have nose round it is called Alfreton Nursery - in North Derbyshire
    The school website is good but you really have to see it to appreciate it!!
    If you get chance, visit outstanding settings / schools near where you live.

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