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Suggestions for class swap activities - a NEW forum!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gcsouth, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. I'm peeved - all these lovely ideas and i never got a chance to have a class swap...maybe i'll use them for first day activities.
  2. Thank you for all great ideas - class swap tomorrow!
    Will be using quite a few of them x
  3. sirenne those type of questions - do u know of a book that would have those in? I once saw an experienced teacher have a book full of them - would be good to have just for 5min slots here and there...

  4. Hi there.
    Would really like to use the jigsaw idea in my classroom. Does anyone know where I can get a 30 piece blank jigsaw template from?

  5. C30

    C30 New commenter

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  6. I used the digital camera photo activity suggested here. It worked fantastically, hardest bit was trying to take photos of Y4 chn before transfer day without giving away I would be their teacher in Y5
  7. Wow - having only had a class swap for 20 mins last year i think i have just filled my first 2 days with some of these fantastic ideas!
    I'm definately going to try the shoebox/suitcase idea with my 3/4's - i think it could make a good piece of writing to start with. Was thinking of asking children to write about 3/5 things that mean the most to them.

    Thanks everyone - you have managed to settle my first day back nerves - I hate this first week!
  8. Any more ideas? Kx
  9. This thread is great! I'll be going in to meet my first ever class tomorrow for 2 hours, and this has given me loads of ideas, for tomorrow and preparing for next year too. Thanks!
  10. Fantastic ideas here. Thank you!
  11. Great ideas, thanks!
  12. This is a great thread!
    Just bumping to keep it floating near the top as it is THAT time of year again!
  13. toty

    toty New commenter

    Year 6 to Reception Class

    Does anyone do this? All classes move to their new class at the same time & Year 6 goes into Reception.

    They ?go back in time? & play, paint, construct etc. - they really let themselves go - no inhibitions! At the end of the session they make a ?Time Capsule?. Box of smarties/raisins - eat contents while remembering 3 vivid occasions in their time at primary school & jotting them down on a piece of A5 paper. They discuss the various times with their friends. It?s been lovely for me to see this as I?ve taught them in Reception Class. I?ve seen them write their signatures, phone numbers & e-mails on the back of each other?s sheets & exchange a little token if they want to. They fold their papers, put them into their boxes & seal with sparkly sticky backed paper. On the front they stick a little card which tells them ?Do not open until 2008? (when they?re 21!!) Templates here if they?re any use:

  14. up for class swap 2008
  15. jmb


    This file says it is corrupt and wont open- any ideas?
  16. Thanks for this thread again. Its fab. However, I can't get up the resources for Year 6 moving back to Reception.

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