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Suggestions for class swap activities - a NEW forum!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gcsouth, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for all the great ideas. x
  2. This thread is completely fantastic - I get a bit fed up with the bitching on this forum sometimes but this has totally restored my faith in my fellow teachers.
    I now have enough ideas not only for my 'meet the new class' session but the entire establishment phase next term!
    Thank you so much for all the excellent ideas.
    A good name game is the name chain - form a circle, one person walks across the circle to another person repeatedly saying their name. As soon as you hear your name, you head off across the circle saying another name to continue the chain. Once it is established you can start off new chains.
    Hope that makes sense - one of those things that is easier to show than explain!
  3. A nice circle time activity to get to know the children is for them to go around and talk about the person to their left (3 things?) 1- their name, 2- something about them 3- something their good at. Takes the focus off them and makes everyone feel special.
    1 rule -they're not allowed to say 'I don't know!'
  4. Love the ideas. Many I've tried & successfully tested in previous years. Portrait half works well in yr 4 portrait theme & also with Henry vlll & wives.

    Could we start a thread sharing class assemblies ??? They are always are next nightmare . . . . sorry meant wonderful experience. I've got three I can share.

    Have fun
  5. Hi

    I work in FE with 16-19 year olds. Any ideas for activities for older students?

  6. Some fantastic ideas on here - thanks everyone.
    I'm starting in a yr1 class next year and wil be an NQT, so these ideas have really helped me sort a few things out in my head for my first few days.
  7. carriecat10

    carriecat10 Established commenter Community helper

    Love all your suggestions. A really successful one I used last year with Y4/5 class was to to introduce myself in the following way: Hello! My name is ...... If I was an animal I would be a bee, because I'm always buzzing around! However I would like to be more of a tortoise because I need to slow down!

    The children then drew a picture of themselves as their animal and wrote the completed sentences underneath. These made a lovely display.
  8. Just like to say thankyou for all the different ideas. I now have an idea that i can do with my year 4 class i hope to try the birthday cards or i will do the classroom rule.
  9. I love da half photo idea nd then turning it into a dispaly...thanks :)
  10. bump for Sassha
  11. Bump again - this is fab!
  12. myrtle

    myrtle Occasional commenter

    I'm inviting some of my current class - Y6 - to come into Y5 and talk for 30 secs about me....

    I'm going to get Y5 to time each one - (assess how well they know clocks!)...

    Then I'm going to ask Y5 to write a letter to me about how they think they will be in my class, what they will like/look forward to etc about having me as a teacher..

    Then we're going to do the Flower Friends someone on here suggested
  13. Has anyone got any suggestions for some circle games I could play with my Year 1 class on our getting to know you afternoon?
  14. i did this activity with my new year 5 class:

    on the board i put up numbers 1-6 and the following titles-1.I am happy when.../2.I am sad when.../3.I'm a good friend because.../4.I get worried when.../5.I get excited when.../6.I'm glad i'm me because...

    we sat in a circle and took it in turns to roll a big dice and then share with the class the answer to the corresponding 'feeling' on the board.
    we then turned our ideas into 'feelings flowers'-the children wrote down their responses to when they felt happy/sad... on 6 different petals and i took a photo of each child to go in the centre of their flowers.
    these looked really good and will make a nice display because they used brightly coloured card.
    also allowed me to learn a bit about the children.
  15. We have our new class for an afternoon so I do the first hour talking about the shield for our town and look at how old families have designed their shield. The 2nd hour we too design a shield which tells me something about each child. They finish them off back in class and then they are put on display for the start of the next year
  16. seiglinde

    seiglinde New commenter

    The shield idea and template is fab, thanks! I am taking my year 2 class 'up to the juniors!' (going up with them, but they don't know yet!)So will use this idea when I meet my 'new' class.

    A nice idea is a 'friendship garden'. You make flower templates, 1 child sits in the middle of the circle on a special cushion or beanbag, and the others have to say nice things about them ; a good friend, good at football, a good speller, etc. You write the things they say on the petals, with the child's name in the centre. The flowers go in a 'friendship garden display', with leaves and grass etc. It's especially nice to establish frienships in a new class, say at the beginning of term.
  17. seiglinde

    seiglinde New commenter

    Hope I didn't kill this thread!
  18. No you didn't Kill it! I love the idea of the frienship garden - thank you. 3 more days to go.....................
  19. My kids broke up on Wednesday and a friend broke up last Friday!

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