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Suggestions for class swap activities - a NEW forum!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gcsouth, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. reply to captain oats ...
    I have done 'What makes a good learner?' which could be displayed with speech bubbles and photos of children.

    Also similar to a previous post - ch make a booklet of 10 things they should do and 10 things they should not do - to be handed on to the children moving to their year group e.g. my current year fours have completed this to give to the year threes.

    Some great ideas on this thread, thanks for sharing!
  2. Anymore fab ideas?
  3. Any ideas for new Y1's? xx
  4. *Bump*

    I would also appreciate any ideas for year 1's that can be done in 45 mins.
  5. Those brain teaser questions - if the fire is lit - its not a pitch dark room ???? Am I confused - Can someone explain ???? Thanks.

    Oh great ideas by the way - using the passport template great xxx
  6. ^ ideas for future yr 1 in a 45 minute session , thanks
  7. I meet my new class tomorrow and this is the idea I am going to do (try) (from a US website)

    Chain Gang
    Begin by asking students "Who can do something really well?" After a brief discussion about some of the students' talents, pass out paper and ask students to write down five things they do well. Then provide each student with five different-colored paper strips. Have each student write a different talent on separate paper strips, then create a mini paper chain with the strips by linking the five talents together. As students complete their mini chains, use extra strips of paper to link the mini chains together to create one long class chain. Have students stand and hold the growing chain as you link the pieces together. Once the entire chain is constructed and linked, lead a discussion about what the chain demonstrates -- for example, all the students have talents; all the students have things they do well; together, the students have many talents; if they work together, classmates can accomplish anything; the class is stronger when students work together than when individual students work on their own. Hang the chain in the room as a constant reminder to students of the talents they possess and the benefits of teamwork.
  8. suzyanne100

    I found a power point that someone had made about pop art, it would either have been in the resource bank here or on primary teaching ideas. Pop art describes the use of popular culture images, so things like Marilyn Monroe, the Andy Warhol tomato soup and Mickey Mouse etc.

    I've done an activity where a page is divided into 4 quarters and an image is drawn and coloured and repeated in the other three quarters, 4 colours used but in different places.

    I've also seen an activity where a small image is enlarged to a bigger image using squares, looked very effective too.

    The children really enjoy it because they like using popular images - my old Y5 class did it when they moved up to y6 and I had never seen so many Sponge Bob Square Pants!
  9. sirenne

    sirenne New commenter

    Annie9669 - It is a fireplace rather than a lit fire.
  10. ideas for new Year1 class that are used to doing PDR all the time please!! Gettin desperate now - i've got them an afternoon this week and an afternoon next week What we do needs to be used on a display in september!!!
  11. markedout

    markedout Occasional commenter

    I'm trying to upload a simple resource for new Year 1, drawing a self-portrait and writing their name, as well as drawing/writing what they liked in reception and are looking forward to in yr 1. The name and self-portrait can be trimmed off and used in display if you don't want to use the whole sheet. It isn't showing me a list of topics at the mo, but I'm using my iBook so will try later on the PC in case it makes a difference, even though it shouldn't!

  12. captain oats

    captain oats New commenter

    Quick question:

    I will be meeting with my new class next week (currently Year 3, will be Year 4 when I teach them)

    I only have an hour with them so was wondering if it would be better just to do a getting to know you circle time - i wanted to do 'all about me' posters but do people think it is better to leave this till the start of term because I don't have much time?
  13. Each child draws their face using fabric crayons onto a square of fabric. The crayon is fixed. Each square is sewn together and can be made into a hanging or their first class cushion or a drap for display.
  14. I am an NQT starting with a mostly year 2 class small group of year 1's. Thanks for all the super ideas. I like the All about me worksheet and am also getting them to draw a personal coat of arms found a template, link below. Using some of the circle time ideas as well. Good luck all NQT's!

  15. markedout- did you manage to upload that year 1 template?
  16. Thanks for the great ideas!
    I have my new class for 2 days, tomorrow and friday, and as i have been out of school for a while and am going back to a very hard class this has really helped.
    As we have a longer period of time we are going to make clay faces which can be used for display next year, we also do a 'smart wall' where children identify areas of strength. As we have such a big mobility issue in our school we have a 'welcome to 6L' book that we start on transition days and continue throughout the year. This book is filled with pupils writing a bit about themselves and this is then attached to their picture - they also write this in home languages, this helps make pupils new to the country feel welcome. At the end of the year we look at this book and see how many people we have met/been members of 6L etc In the last one i made there was 56 members - its an execellent way of recording changes etc.
  17. paddysando

    paddysando New commenter

    how about any ideas for a new reception class? Please?
  18. Some excellent ideas which will be very useful for me next week on our 'Moving up' day I have a mixed year 3/4 class and will use the half photo idea, along with the blank postcard and may also pinch a couple of others! I love this site!!!!

    thanks ammeg9

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