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Suggestions for class swap activities - a NEW forum!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gcsouth, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Up!

    I'm going with the jigsaw idea. Just need to sort out my templates and get them enlarged. Hopefully it will make a lovely display for Sept. First class, so very excited!
  2. tange

    tange New commenter

    Great ideas I just need to choose one suitable for year 6!

  3. Anyone any ideas for maths activities for a new Y3?
  4. Tigerfly

    Tigerfly New commenter

    Any suggestions for a short getting to know you / meeting your class activity for reception children?
  5. I think the jigsaw for class rules is great for Y6 too. Also love the shields and kites. I am going to give my Y6 A4 files to decorate (how they want)ready for Sept to keep homework, spellings, reading record, my half term targets etc in so they feel more grown up and ready for High School.
  6. I've done "Wanted" posters before that have worked well. Give them the idea that a new class is wanted for Septe,ber and they have to draw a picture of themselves and fill in details, name, age, hobbies etc Also good for an instant display in September.
  7. Some fantastic ideas. Thanks to all. I'm moving from Year 6 to year 4 in a new school, so very grateful. For a new Year 6, I often get them to write me a letter: how they feel about Y6, looking forward to... worried about... What they expect from Year 6, etc. I Put them into a big envelope, seal it and tell them they can have them back at the end of July to check. They can then show it, or keep it to themselves.
    they love re-reading them at this time of the year.
  8. yogagirl

    yogagirl New commenter

    Thanks everyone. I am definitely going with the passport idea but I will also be taking pics of them to put under each passport - otherwise the display will consist of 30 identical-looking passport covers! I googled a template of a blank coat of arms for the front cover so they can add their own details and colour it in (although the coat of arms provided looked pretty cool).

    There is another idea i used in PE, too, whereby children stand in a circle holding hands. THe teacher lets two children break hands so a hula hoop can be placed within the circle, then they rejoin hands. The game is to get the hula hoop all the way round the circle until it gets back to its starting point without anyone breaking hands. They aren't allowed to talk either. If anyone does, they have to be removed from the circle. THey can nod and use gestures with their heads etc but no words are allowed. You could split the room up into four groups and see who is the first group to win. (they have to climb through the hoop to pass it on).

    Another non-verbal communication game is the one where they have to order themselves in order of their birthdays without speaking. THey can touch each other and show the months on the digits of their fingers etc (e.g. hold up five fingers for May) but talking or miming is forbidden. The winning team is the first to have all children lining up in order. I will be using these games to help include my selective mute.
  9. Nearly went to page 2!

    Keep the ideas coming : )
  10. Some fab ideas, thank you guys!

    I have taught a Y4/5 mixed class for the last four years, although I am going to teach Y5/6 next year (very excited!). I get many ideas from the teachingideas website.

    Something I have done is: get them to draw a portrait of themselves (or each other) by giving them a black marker pen and an A3 piece of paper. Tell them that once the pen touches the page they cannot take it off again. It helps them to concentrate that they can't rub their drawing out and that it is one continuous line. Afterwards, ask them to colour with pens or crayons. It's really effective! Works with any age!

    Another portrait idea is to have a photo of each child. Ask the children to copy the picture and draw themselves. Then mark out each picture into strips (poss 2cm apart). Cut them pictures and glue the srtips back on, but the first photo strip followed by the first drawing pic, then the second strip for each, then the third etc. When all pieces are glued on, ask the children to fold the paper back and forth where each strip meets. It gives a great effect when pulled slightly out - from one angle you see the photo and from another angle you see the drawing! (Hope this makes sense!).

    I have also done a timeline of their life to date, asking them to add any major events in their life (starting school, illnesses, riding a bike, birth of sibling etc.).

    We have done window art, using ripped tissue paper for a background in a laminating pouch, then coloured paper for their name. We added glitter and other bits and pieces and laminated them. When on the window the light shines through the tissue paper, but not their name, making it really clear to read.

  11. Sorry, doesn't make sense!

    Should read:

    Cut both pictures (the photo and the drawing) and glue the strips back on...

  12. This idea is basically the same as the shoebox but it ties in very nicely with the passport and postcard. Take in a bag or suitcase with your likes, dislikes etc and then get children to draw their ideas on a suitcase template. Looks really good on display with the passports and postcards!
  13. Some fantastic ideas thanks. I have taught year 5/6 for the past few years and i usually do an application form. They apply to be in the class like they would for a job so they include, photo, personal info., skills/qualities, whay they should be chosen to be in the class, what they will bring to the class. THis makes a great display!
    Alwaysworried likes this.
  14. thats a fantastic idea.

    Would you be able to provide a template for the application form?
    I would like to see how you have made it for a display.

    Many thanks.
  15. This is a brilliant thread! I have already off puzzle pieces I'm going to use on my first day in my new job. Thanks everyone.
  16. I teach Year 3/4 and as Ive already had half the class for a year, the new Year 4s have to pick a Year 3s name out of a hat and write a letter to them, explaining what its like in Year 3 - what its like in my class, what they enjoy the most as a junior, also reassure them about things like homework or how to cope without afternoon play!! The new Year 3s fill in a sheet about themselves during the same time.

    Another idea Ive done is a 'thought tree' the new Year 3s all think of a question to ask about being in Year 3 and write it on a leaf template, then the new Year 4s answer on a new leaf. Makes a good display and helps settle the new children.
  17. here's an idea to fill a space at start of year. take individual pic of each child. print in black and white. enlarge onto A4 coloured paper. works best with fluorescent colours. stick to 4 colours. get children to design name label to put underneath their pic. display like patchwork quilt. looks good!

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