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Suggestions for class swap activities - a NEW forum!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gcsouth, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Sirenne - do you know all the answers to those questions? Could you possibly post them on here?
  2. sirenne

    sirenne New commenter

    Here are the answers...

    1. The cowboy's horse is called Friday!

    2. The farmer still has 10 sheep even if some of them are dead.

    3. You have to light the match before you can light anything else.

    4. You would have the 5 chocolates you took.

    5. You don't bury the survivors!

    and finally,

    6. Whatever your name is.

  3. Ah number 1 was bugging me!
  4. up

    we playd a game where the children were each given a card with some facts on such as

    Find someone who.....

    has a pet dog

    likes girls aloud

    has been to france

    has a brother

    The children have to go around the class asking each other questions to try and get their card filled in. It is a good way for the class to get to know each other.
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  5. ^
    This thread is fantastic - thank you!!!...
    Love the shoe box idea - think i will create one about me to introduce myself to the class, and then as a summer hols activity ask each child to make and fill a shoe box about them.....Also really like the blank post card idea - will definitely do that!! Thanks all!!! Seaside:)
  6. lexa

    lexa New commenter

    I hope this makes sense as it might be a bit hard to visualise!

    I ask the children to write down the names of their 2 closest friends on a piece of paper. They do this in secret and are asked not to share this. We then discuss what a good learner is and I ask the children to write down the names of the 2 children who help them the most with their learning.

    I use this to devise a friendship and a learning map at the start of every school year. I write down all the names of my class and link up where the closest friendships lie and who the kids think helps them to learn well. I draw different coloured arrows to signify 1st and 2nd best friend/ learner. The kids really enjoy doing it and it only takes 5 minutes. Of course, I never share the results with them but the diagrams help me see the friendship groups and also the children who nobody chooses. It helps me develop some knowledge of the relationships within the class and who might need extra support with forming good relationships with their peers.

    I have a gruesome memory of meeting my new class for the first time when I was about to start my NQT year. Children were supposed to make a spiderweb by rolling a ball of string and catching the end, saying a positive comment about the person they were rolling to. Was going to make some sort of friendship web display. Ended up with a big, ugly tangled mess and the kids all really hyper! Older and wiser and able to control behaviour a lot better now! :)

    I'm liking all the ideas on here so far. Might be borrowing a few for next week.

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  7. I have year 1/2. Last year i asked the children to paint a picture of their favourite thing to do in school, some children drew themselves drawing, on the scooters etc. When dry, we cut them out and backed them and they made a great display for Spet. The year before i had a flower shape about A4 size. We printed out a picture of the child in the middle of the flower and then in each petal had a different sentence and the children filled in the missing word, My name is ______, I am __years old, I love _____ I do not like____ and (something else, cant remmeber) We then had them as a disply board with a plant pot and leaves, was very effective. We have some chn on a 2 year cycle so cant repeat the same activity as last year. Does anyone have any really good ideas for this age group but things that would also creat a disply??

    Also do the birthday card thing and children love this!
  8. I have a sheet with a few questions on lik
    - who is your closest friend?
    - who do you work best with?
    - what are you good at?
    - what do you need help with?
    - Is there anything else you think I need to know?

    You'd be surprised at the answers you may get for the last one, friendship/confidence issues etc.

    Also have space on there to draw a picture of themselves - comes in handy for display in Sept

    Another idea if you have time is to take a photo of each child and get it printed and laminated over the summer. These photo's can then be used for displays over the year and is interesting to see how much they've changed by the summer! Also good for learning names before september!!

  9. One more thing, I found a great website the other day with more lateral thinking questions like Sirenne's, have been using them as morning work this week with Y5 and they love it!


    Rebus puzzles are always good too!
  10. Oooh....some fab ideas!!!

    Ruby_tuesday - whats this pop art idea?!

    And the birthday card idea is sooooo cute! Do you think I can get away with it with Year 6?!?!?!

    Last year I did a rule discussing/making session (positive of course!), then gave each group a pieve of a jigsaw on which they had to write a rule and decorate. I put these pieces together to make a completed jigsaw and emphasised the point that when rules are kept, all the pieces fit together to make a perfect classroom!
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  11. For me i take photos of the chn in small groups making sure i jot down the names of them all then i learn their names over the holiday to save a job when i go back. But i am very bad at learning names!!!
  12. captain oats

    captain oats New commenter

    This is a really great post and i am struggling to chose an idea!

    What I really want to do is make something with them that will form a class display.

    The problem is I only have one hour with them.

    I think what I'll have to do is have something ready made for them to write on.

    The class is Year 4 (Year 3 at the moment) so what do you think are the best things to ask them to write about?

    Either: I like doing... I don't like doing....
    I'm good at.... I want to be better at.....
  13. Such a great thread, keep them coming!!!!
  14. welshlass

    welshlass New commenter

    I also only have my new class for an hour, they are Y2 going into Y3 in Sept. There is soooo much I want to do with them and just not enough time but will be doing a few circle games to break the ice then giving them time to do the Birthday cards as I think they will enjoy this, and it will also give me a chance to take their photos and jot names down ready to make a display for Sept - possibly the smarties idea but not sure yet. It will be my first ever class so does this sound okay to those of you with more experience?
  15. captain oats

    captain oats New commenter


    Keep the ideas coming :)
  16. I have my class on monday for a whole day - three or four lessons I have managed to fill with ideas on here (thank you very much)...But, I also have to teach a literacy and numeracy lesson...any ideas - want to get an idea where the chidlren are - is a mixed year1/2 class - want to make it fun of course - and not too reliant on resources in school as I don't really know what they have!...thank you. Seaside:)
  17. You could maybe do a maths Bingo game with them. addition and subtraction Qs. Take them some blank grids or ask them to make them on a W/B with numbers 1-20.

    Can you play a game of 'I'm thinking of a number'... the children have to ask you Qs to guess what it is i.e., is it more or less than 10 etc.

    Simple ideas but don't rely on school resources. Good luck!
  18. thanks jlrb...bingo sounds good :)
  19. Hi all... this thread is fab - thanks ever so.

    Slight problem - I only have my new class for 20 minutes right before lunch - I want to do something with them (and definately want a display of somesort up by Sept - I think the postcards is a good idea) I'm an NQT so this is the first time I've done this and I want my classroom to feel welcoming in Sept, as it's kinda falling down at the mo.

    Any advice would be fab. Thanks!

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