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Suggestions for class swap activities - a NEW forum!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gcsouth, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. wookster

    wookster New commenter

    I have year 3 for one hour any suggestions?
  2. up
    useful at this time of year!
  3. Brilliant thread!! I did one last year where I got the children to draw round each of their hands (need to get a friend to help with one of them depending on whether you're right or left handed). They then wrote all the things they expected of themselves over the next year on the fingers of one hand, and on the fingers of the other hand they wrote what they expected of me as their teacher. Made for quite interesting reading - although one girl wrote that she expected me to have nice nails, think she'd missed the point rather...!
  4. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Well worth keeping bumped
  5. Ours is always very near the end of term and I get them to play games. They have to fill in a questionnarre and then find someone else who has something in common with them.
    I also give them a blank postcard with a stamp on it. During the session they fill the school name and address in. Over the holiday they have to draw a picture on the front of themselves or something they did during the holiday. They then have o write it o me telling me about themselves or their holiday. They send it back to school and when I arrive in Spetember we share them with the class and then mae a display.
  6. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter


    very useful
  7. trickyricky83

    trickyricky83 New commenter

    I've once given them all an outline of a star and they had to draw a picture of themselves and write a bit about them and mad a display called 'We are a class of superstars'

    Also drawn an outline of a head and got them to write all about themselves and the display was called 'Guess Who'

    This year I'm going to give them an outline of a head and lots of magazines and Argos catalogues and they need to cut out things they like and glue them in the head and the display is going to be called 'What's inside our heads?'
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  8. Hey,

    I am a NQT and will be meeting my year 5 class in July for an hour. Any ideas anyone? thanks!
  9. This is a fantastic thread, Im getting my own class for the first time( after covering ppa for 2 years) n ive already filled the day! getting year 4 n love the halving a picture idea n the blank postcards, these will make great displays too.
    Thanks guys.xx
  10. With a Y4 class we made little booklets (one sheet of A4 folded in half then half again) about ourselves but without names on. The front page was a self-portrait, the next page 5 facts about myself (I have blue eyes, I have 2 brothers, etc), the next page 5 things that I like, the last page 5 things I would like to do (better)/achieve next year in school (do better at maths, get a place on the football team, have neater handwriting, etc). At the end I collected in all the books and shuffled them around and the class had to try and guess who was who based on the information, not the picture. This can be a short or long activity depending on how much time you have. Those who finished early started putting borders and page numbers and little embellishments on their books.
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  11. I usually do a shield, split into 4 sections: name, pictures of family, favourite things, favourite subject etc. Children do them during the handover session in the last week, then I have them displayed in the classroom for the first week back in Sept.
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  12. missied

    missied New commenter

    Great idea for a thread!

    Make a passport (as previous poster)
    Make & decorate a name card for the table for when they return in Sept
    I have my new class for a whole day and always try to do a PE game to see how they get on as a group
  13. When you do the photos and they draw the other half of the face how do you manage to get them all taken and printed out in the session???
  14. Hi love the ideas - think I will be definitely doing the half a face one and the blank postcard. One activity i usually do is to give my new class a piece of A4 card and get them to make a generic Happy Brirthday card with appropriate age on -as i teach Y2 this is 7. The children decorate the card and write a general message inside such as 'Happy 7th Birthday from all your friends in 2HH' then throughout the year when it a child's birthday they get to choose one of the cards out of a box and then we have fun identifying who made the card. The children really like the idea and love it when someone chooses their card.
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  15. i liked the idea posted by someone suggesting giving the children a piece of paper and on it they draw a picture of something they will miss about reception (e.g.) and something they will look forward to about the next year. we also play lots of circle time games from the jenny moseley book!

    i always finish the afternoon with a fun story for them to act out e.g the enormous turnip, i take props, puppets etc. in and they act it out as i read. This can be done with older chi, e.g george's marvellous medicine.
  16. b00kw0rm

    b00kw0rm New commenter

    a PSHE activity i have done is to get the children to draw a picture of themselves in the centre of the page (how detailed this is can be a useful indication of their development- i've been amazed at some of the included/ missing details i've seen) and around this draw thought or speech bubbles containing statements about themselves, e.g. i am a good friend because... i am smart because.. i am good at....
    alternatively they could surround their self portrait with sentences (how well written??) describing what they have achieved in their current class/ proudest moments/ what they want to achieve in the coming year.
    i then keep all of the above for assessment and to set targets for the autumn term
  17. Poppy1978

    Poppy1978 New commenter

    Love the birthday card idea!

    I have made blank coat peg labels and tray labels and got the children to decorate them, then laminate and stick on ready for September.

    This time I asked them to draw themselves and write one thing they liked and one they didn't like for me.
  18. I'm thinking of... These Boots are made for Learning...

  19. sirenne

    sirenne New commenter

    Last year, I've gave my children a quiz with logic problems where they had to listen reallllly carefully to work out the answers. They loved this and it helped to emphasise the importance of listening.

    I usually do name cards and ask them to illustrate them with clues about themselves.

    I love the birthday card idea - thanks!
  20. wow, some brilliant ideas on here - i hope i get some time with my new class so i can use some. I love the postcard idea, and the jigsaw display, and the birthday card and everything really.

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