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Suggestions for class swap activities - a NEW forum!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gcsouth, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Could you tell me a little more about how you organise this idea? I saw it on a video on a course years ago but can't remember. They had children listed e.g. SMART spellers are ....... , SMART group leaders are .....

    Is that what you do? What groups or heading do you tend to use? Thank you xxx
  2. sorry to be bit blonde but not quite getting the post card idea ? you give th echildren a postcard to take home over the holidays and post in to school when they have had a good day ?

  3. I really like this idea and will probably use it with my new Y3. I think I'll put the children's faces in the middle and use them as part of a 'meet the class' display.
  4. Love this idea. Do you have an egg template? I couldn't find one on google.
  5. Loads of great ideas have compiled a list to save printing and plan to use as many as i can throughout the year especially at my first transition day next week with a year 4 class. As an NQT this has been very helpful.[​IMG]

  6. Normal

    Like a few others, I don't know where I'll be yet - although
    I know it will be KS2. So I'm preparing for both lower and upper KS2. All thes
    activities I've done before and have really worked. Although I may be
    supplementing them with the ideas on here - they're brilliant!

    Lower KS2

    We discussed and mindmapped what kind of class we wanted to
    be...enthusiastic, responsible, imaginative etc. We wrote a class song/rap, to
    the tune of 'We will rock you' using these words and phrases. We wrote, learnt
    and practiced during the day. We then created wordles of these lyrics (www.wordle.net) to put in the classroom
    windows for visitors to see and in our PSHE books.

    We used this song throughout the year to remind ourselves
    when we weren't quite living up to our own expectations and all to celebrate
    our successes as a class!! They loved the activity and sung it

    Upper KS2

    Job applications! We looked at a powerpoint I'd created
    (uploaded in resource bank here) and used application forms to apply for roles.
    (30 children in class, 10 jobs, job contracts last a term) This year I am going
    to take it a bit further and get them to role-play interviews, using
    class-written questions and think about their responses. Going to get my
    husband in, in the afternoon, to interview them.

    A time capsule - we wrote letters to ourselves,
    including information on who we were at that point, things that we're going on
    in our lives right then and there, likes/dislikes. We wrote hopes and wishes
    and included predictions (personal and worldly). In the tin also went a class
    photo and a newspaper front cover.

    On the last day of the year - in amongst all the tidying and
    sorting - we took some time out to having an 'opening' ceremony. We spent some
    quiet time reading our letters - we shared some hopes and wishes that came true
    and celebrated these. We spent some time laughing at the photo and seeing what
    predictions have come true. I also asked them what would they say to their
    12-month younger self now if they could/ how have you changed? Sparked very
    interesting conversations and ended the year on a reflective and special note.
  7. Up ......

    lots of posters asking for ideas - these are fantastic.
  8. poet

    poet New commenter

    The wordle thing is AMAZING- definitely going to use that this year!!
  9. I have used post number 2 the black and white photo with coloured picture from here and always worked well. I have added a heading entitled 'most wanted' and children fill out basic information about themselves.
  10. I haven't used Wordle for years - thanks for reminding me how wonderful it is! [​IMG]
    Love this idea - although not sure it would work for KS1! They could certainly see their progression though [​IMG]
  11. Hi
    comeone wrote on here about a cartoon strip on utube i think but i have lost the post and can't find the link - anyone able to help? Am also posting on the other Classswap thread.
  12. Sorry, end of year moment but what does 'bump' mean on some posts?
  13. green_ink

    green_ink New commenter

    bump just means 'get it to the front page of the threads so it can be seen again'
    ^ means the same thing.
  14. Can anybody give me a link to an a4 puzzle template.....really want to do idea but have spent ages trying to find one with no luck!

    Thanks for all the ideas [​IMG]
  15. Sometimes, sometimes, it can be quicker to make something than spend forever looking for it!
  16. Some great ideas on this thread. I always found it difficult to arrange connections with other classes to send my pupils work to so have started a network at www.schoolswaps.net to try and get teachers connecting with each other. It's still in early stages but do take a look
  17. lukesmum

    lukesmum Occasional commenter

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