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Suggestions for class swap activities - a NEW forum!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gcsouth, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. tangerinecat

    tangerinecat New commenter

    Just to say, when I went to my new school (with great ideas from this thread), they'd already planned my session (hooray! - can do my stuff on the first day), and it was great.
    The class had to follow instructions themselves to make a starburst.
    • Draw two big spots (like a reception child's full stop) on a piece of paper.
    • Draw 10 tiny spots around the big spots.
    • Using a ruler, connect each tiny spot to each big spot.
    • Colour in the starburst
    It was very interesting to see who could follow instructions, who could use a ruler (Y6!), who relied on friends to help, motor skills colouring in etc.
  2. Hi,

    I love the idea of creating a time capsule but would like to link it to the theme of 'Space'. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks :)
  3. rachy1310

    rachy1310 New commenter

    Thanks for sharing all of the ideas. I am an NQT and have a year three class which I am meeting next wed, I will definately be using some of these ideas. Love the kite idea!
  4. your link doesnt seem to work?
  5. Brilliant idea 'gc'. Target achieved!!
    For a Year 2 class to be, I set them 'tasks' based on what I expected from a class. So for good listening I gave them an outline of an alien and then gave instructions and they added detail eg. a long nose, 3 tiny green eyes. For following instructions we did Simon Says. For good talking and listening they talked with partner and then told me one thing about their partner. For concentrating they had a 'spot the difference'.
  6. Love the kite idea that has mentioned previously but struggling to understand how to make - can someone explain simply - having aend of year tired moment!
  7. absolutely brilliant - and thanks for all the ideas...I can now surely fill the THREE DAYS i have to spend with my new class this week!
  8. Have year three class and I usually play a game of getting to know you bingo. Each child is given a bingo board split into 12 with a statement in each box. e.g someone with a brother or someone who walks to school. The children have to walk around and try to get a signature in every box.
  9. Classes doing CLJ, creative curriculum or the like. Do a really fab big piece of art based on the topic you're doing in September. Display this in the first week so children see their work on the wall from day one - also brightens your classroom. Make sure everyone's is on the wall - good, bad and ugly.
    This year my pupils each had an A1 sized painting on the wall waiting for them in September and the whole room looked like an art gallery. Made September a positive start!
  10. Fab ideas so far!!!
    With my new class I got them to create a Success Criteria for a quality learning environment and this was our set of class rules, I also took a photo of them making a 'quality line' and again made a success criteria for a quality line, I stuck both up on the classroom door to remind them how to line up each time we lined up in class.
  11. Hi
    Just wanted to thank everyone for this great thread. I did the paper chain with y5/6 and it was great.
    good luck everyone, roll on summer
  12. just found this thread and want to bump it up for this year
    im an nqt, or will be, in a mixed yr5/6 class. the children wont know each other as its the first time mixed classes have been used. want to do something to put towards a display but struggling for this age group as feel kites/air balloons are a little immature.
    Help needed!!!
  13. Hey- can I ask where you got the jigsaw pieces from? I would really like to do this for ny new year 4 class!
  14. I did the kites with my Yr 5/6 class and they loved it - not too immature. I attached tails and hung them on the wall and up onto the ceiling of our cloakroom and called it Class ___ Flying High. They thought it was cool to see when they came back in September. Give it a go - you'd be surprised.
    Im going to make a class flag this year with little sections of material and fabric pens. They will each design a section and I will sew them together and hang it up in the class for September. That way I can use it to highlight how we all stick together as a class etc etc.
  15. Just bumping this up really.
    Love the bookmark ideas and the postcards back to school.

  16. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I really miss the class-swapping that we used to do in my old three-form entry school. cut down on planning, I had our delightful deputy HT in with me [his speciality was art] and you'd get to do an afternoon-length lesson three times. First time - where could it be improved? Second time - wonderful! Thrid time - great for the kids but getting a bit boreing for us. Lots of non-threatening peer assessment made ita great tool for prof development too.
    The art always linked in with other stuff we were doing. Brilliant.
  17. inky

    inky Lead commenter


    I really must start to read my posts before pressing Post. Sorry, all.
  18. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I think I might have misunderstood the term 'class swap' as meant by the OP. Never mind. Take my post as just another idea!
  19. Thanks to all who've posted. I've done quite a number of the ideas mentioned - kites, shields, half-pics, postcards etc which were all great. Trouble is, as mentioned in another thread, I teach 4 year groups so need something fresh every year, as only new Y3s are new. One I have done, not mentioned before (I think) is Eggrams. I have a template of an egg which has markings on to cut into 12 geometric shapes. I print on variety of different colours of paper/thin card and each child has one and cuts out the shapes. They can then swap pieces of their choice (must keep whole egg but can swap like pieces for a different colour) Then must use pieces to make a picture - often a bird (duck or owl) which I mount on black paper for a display. Is very effective and popular with all ages.
    Thanks for all the ideas - I've chosen another batch for this year. I have my new class for 4 days next week!

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