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Suggestion.... permanent staff revert to undertaking cover and no PPA time to save their jobs?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Pennyforyourthoughts, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    I think that permanent teachers instead of taking a pay freeze or even taking redundancy should go back to doing cover and forego the PPA time.........................
    getting rid of the extra expense of Cover staff for this type of cover would save
    MILLIONS........................................... AND they would keep their jobs and of course we
    supply teachers would get more work...
    In fact everyone would have more work................... oh except the Cover Supervisors...... what would you all prefer.
  2. The workforce agreement addressed the problem of workload, but only from one angle. I think what should have been addressed was the paperwork, the creep of ever-increasing demands which were not central to doing a good job. Brown's Government just had a rosy view of an ever-lasting boom based on borrowing, and throwing money and people at problems. I I think standards would have been as good or better by addressing the workload itself, and the country could have avoided tthe debt and recession.

    I I posted words to this effect about 5 years ago, on the introduction of the agreement, and feel history has borne this out.
  3. Just look at all the extra jobs it's created. A few poxy supply teachers were pretty much unemployable anyway (if you believe the stereotypes)

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