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suggested scripted plays for ks3 drama

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by bobgraham, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Hi folks,
    Have any of you got any suggestions on playscripts for year 7, 8.
    I am having trouble finding suitable material that will have enough longevity in content to last a couple of years. Arson About by Mark wheeler is popular with my year 9 students, but year 7 and 8? Help...?
    Please...suggestions would be much appreciated.

  2. Have you looked at my site?
    Ten Short Scripts, Ten Slightly Longer Scripts, Workhouse by Paul King (brand new and exclusive), Big School Nightmares.... all photocopiable for as many years as you like.

  3. Our Day Out is a classic. I do it with my Year 8's and they love it.
    Also check out Nelson Thornes they have a range of scripts which are quite good.

  4. Thanks Bob Graham for approving of Arson... :)

    I have done other plays which appeal to Year 7 & 8. CHICKEN, THE GATE ESCAPE, GRANNY AND THE WOLF, SWEET FA all on amazon and the first two available from the dbda shop much more cheaply online.


    I have a feeling that link may not appear in the post... here is it with some gaps you will need to lose.

    http :// shop. dbda. co.uk/c-28-dbda_tie-playscripts.aspx

    I've also written three very short scripts that are on the resources4 drama site search wheeller with two l's.

    Hope this helps.

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