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Suggested improvements to the TES Buying/Selling system

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by PerigeeScienceResources, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. PerigeeScienceResources

    PerigeeScienceResources New commenter

    Hello Everyone,

    This is my first post in the forum, honestly I've visited the forums maybe five times before now. Anyway, I thought rather than contact TES directly about suggestions, I thought that getting a list going in a forum that gains community traction might be a more convincing way of explaining myself!

    So, TES. Here are my suggestions in no particular order on things I think would make TES more appealing to everyone.

    1. Get a batch uploader SORTED - by far the biggest stumbling block of TES for authors right now is the time it takes to upload things. Even at my fastest it would take me 5 minutes to upload a resource properly. Minor time saves like auto-populating drop down lists with suggested variables would be great, or change the drop box to a visual slider!

    2. Be more, and allow US to be more flexible with discounts - I think discounts are a great idea, but they are very "sledgehammer" in size and scope right now. I think it would be far more useful to provide flash discounts with a particular demographic in mind. For example - "Next three days all SECONDARY SCIENCE resources are 30% off!" Then an email should be sent to every listed science teacher. It makes marketing far more focused to individual teachers; I have no need or interest in primary maths resources, so why give me the same offer in those resources? surely I would prefer a bigger discount on something I'm actually far more likely to buy? Secondly, and this is a simple one - if someone buys one of my resources and then they notice it's in a bundle of mine, TES should auto-deduct that item they have bought from the price. It will make the bundle more likely to be bought, especially if a big deal is made out of the extra little discount!

    3. Monthly goals for sellers AND buyers - If something sells well, the author should be rewarded for that. For example you could, at the end of the month, say, tally up all resources that sold more than 10 in a month - every one of them gets an extra 2% royalty from TES. Every resource that sold 20 gets 5% and so on. This would massively incentivise advertising resources on social media and other places because an author would be chasing those few extra sales that would push them over a threshold. The opposite is true for buyers - someone buys £10 of resources using their money, they get a £1 credit (non-cash obviously) to put towards other resources. Drop £20 and you get a fiver and so on. Offer more tiers to authors and buyers, especially monthly/temporary goals

    4. Make the search function FAR more versatile - Teachers live in Excel (well, I do). The more drop down, a-z, high to low lists, the better. I'd like to see resources listed by sales, by keyword ("circuits" for example), by views, by exam board, by text book, etc. Currently it is too restrictive and most people I know simply use google and add "tes" to their search.

    5. In addition to discounts, offer royalty boosts to authors for well selling items - pretty self explanatory!

    6. Have a try before you buy/returns policy if possible - as long as it isn't abused (so maybe add a limit on uses per month) allowing people to buy a resource an return it would be a great way to introduce people to new authors.

    Anyone got any other ideas? As you can probably tell, I am a bit of an advocate of target setting - maybe it's the teacher in me!
  2. penyrheol1

    penyrheol1 New commenter

    Some good ideas here that I like a lot Marc. A previewer that doesn't chew things up would be a great help as well
  3. PerigeeScienceResources

    PerigeeScienceResources New commenter

    Agreed. I think there should be less of a emphasis on reviews anyway - most of my good sellers have no reviews on them, so clearly people don't read them and people don't review unless they are not happy with it!
  4. penyrheol1

    penyrheol1 New commenter

    Sorry Marc. Wrong end of the stick. I was referring to the previewer that messes up the preview of Word documents. But you've cheered up a dreary Monday morning anyway.
    MarcMarshall likes this.
  5. The_English_Tutor

    The_English_Tutor New commenter

    Some great ideas here...well said!
  6. thinkypublishing

    thinkypublishing Occasional commenter

    There's a bulk upload tool. I haven't used it for a while but hopefully it's improved since I last used it.

    I think there are far too many sales and discounts on TES. I'd prefer to see efforts placed towards useful articles and guidance that inspire people to use the resources available, rather than constantly giving things away.

    Completely agree that promotions should be targeted though. The present approach is really lazy and borderline spam. I'm sure there are many English teachers who are sick of seeing promotions for maths mastery recently.

    The main beneficiaries of this will be whomever TES has decided to promote each month. Highly motivating for them. Very demotivating for everyone else. Evidence of this can already be seen with recent promotions.

    I disagree with this. The search on TES is excellent. The filtering options to narrow down searches could be much improved though.

    As with point 3 - this will benefit only those fortunate enough to already be receiving the benefits of promotion.

    I'm firmly against this suggestion. It's impossible to 'return' digital goods. Once somebody has it, it's theirs forever. It's for this reason that most sellers of digital goods don't provide refunds once the files/software have been used.

    I'd prefer that efforts were focussed on supporting buyers to get the details they need before making a purchase AND that the quality of what is added by authors is actively managed and policed. Authors that add good quality, original works should be bumped up the search rankings while those who add poor quality, copyright breaching materials should be penalised by seeing their resources ranked much lower.
  7. penyrheol1

    penyrheol1 New commenter

    Thoroughly agree with the need to introduce some sort of quality control. Loaded up a pile of resources last week that had taken me three weeks to prepare only to see them shoved pages down by a pile of uploads - 1 page each £2!!!!!! Nearly lost the will to live at that point!!!!
  8. MosaiK

    MosaiK Occasional commenter

    I am with you. This and similar has been happening to me since I started to upload a few weeks ago. I spend a lot of time making my resources look appealing and colourful, adding a document with suggestions for use and differentiation etc... and yet they never make it to the top of the pile. I agree with the call for some quality control. :)
    Krazikas likes this.
  9. penyrheol1

    penyrheol1 New commenter

    Come on TES. The poor quality of some of the resources on here is ruining the credibility of people who put a lot of time and effort into providing quality (and there are a lot) and therefore wasting our time in the process!!!!

    Next step - set up a meeting of your editorial board to discuss this issue.........please!!

    Disheartened to say the least.
  10. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for all your suggestions and feedback. I'll pass on all your ideas and comments to the Resources Team.

    Thank you @MarcMarshall for starting the thread.

    If you are having problems with uploading resources or technical issues please can you contact the Customer Services Team by emailing help@tes.com to log the issue with the relevant team as soon as possible.
  11. teachercellar

    teachercellar Occasional commenter

    I would like to be able to organise my shop alphabetically so all my Christmas resources are all together
    CurriculumForAutism likes this.
  12. CurriculumForAutism

    CurriculumForAutism Occasional commenter

    Having the option to create custom categories within our shops would be another way to organise resources to make it easier for buyers to browse.
  13. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    We welcome and value your ideas and we are keen to listen to your suggestions/feedback.

    Thank you everyone for your feedback. Please keep posting your comments and suggestions in this thread. We might not be possible to respond to every single post but please be assured that we do read all the posts.
    MarcMarshall likes this.
  14. charliep86

    charliep86 New commenter

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you for your comments, suggestions and feedback - there's loads of fantastic stuff here. It'll take me a while to read through and respond, but I will do so :)

    Please keep the suggestions and feedback coming!
    MarcMarshall likes this.
  15. halley_k

    halley_k New commenter

    I want to purchase but cant i already filled with my visa and mastercard, still cant
    anybody has a solution about this?
  16. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    Hello @halley_k,

    Sorry that you are experiencing problems with the platform. Please can you contact the Customer Services Team by emailing help@tes.com? My colleagues will be able to help you with completing your purchase.
  17. planmylesson

    planmylesson New commenter

    being able to add more than 20 items to a bundle would be a useful addition
    nicadez and Mr_Smily like this.
  18. hoppytimes

    hoppytimes New commenter

    Being able to change your paid resources into free ones without starting a new listing.
    nicadez and Krazikas like this.
  19. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

  20. Mr_Smily

    Mr_Smily New commenter

    I know this is an old post but could there not be some sort of way of making the buyers review resources they buy, e.g. after buying a resource, the next time they log in a review box comes up for that resource and then at least every buyer will give a rating if not a comment? And the only way to get off of the box would be to review the last resource purchased - I am aware that it may get tiresome and some buyers may just click whatever to continue with what they were doing, but I feel authors who are buying other author's resources will be happy to review knowing their own resources are being reviewed.

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