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Suggested CPD for International Future

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by bmouthboyo, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. bmouthboyo

    bmouthboyo New commenter

    Evening all,

    Basically I have been teaching ICT ks3,4 and 5 for 4 years now and looking to apply for international jobs this recruitment season.

    can anyone suggest CPD courses that may help with my application? I was thinking any IB courses but any advice much appreciated.

  2. IB Program is brief for International Baccalaureate Program. it's a challenging high school program for gifted and driven students . Students who complete this course will be within the top 3rd of the population academically. go for best programm this decision of your will help you surely . For more motivation you can visit <u>www.publicspeakerpower.com.</u>
    All the best [​IMG]
  3. bmouthboyo

    bmouthboyo New commenter

  4. Look at the IBO website under the Professional Development section for opportunities to participate in workshops and online courses.
    You may not be able to take online courses if you aren't currently with an IB school but attending the workshops wouldn't pose a problem.
    For starters, you would want to download a copy of Making the PYP Happen (EY, KS1-2), or MYP:From Principles into Practice (KS3), or DP:From Principles into Practice(KS4) and read that document as though it isthe Holy Bible.

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