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Suggested activities please for visiting a school in Germany for a morning with 30 of my pupils.

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by davidgclare, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. davidgclare

    davidgclare New commenter

    I am organising a 4 day trip to Munich with 30 of my pupils who are learning German. I have arranged to visit a school there for a morning via a contact,as I thought it might be interesting for my students to see what a school in Germany look likes, and I am wondering if anyone else has visited a school in Germany and if so what activities did you undertake? My pupils don't know any of the pupils there. Any hot tips?
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    The fact that the Schools start earlier and have a Frűstűckspause will be quite an experience I imagine.

    If they're going to sit in on any lessons I'd suggest they be simple ones, German, Maths or English, as I doubt their language skills would be up to following other lessons.

    Just out of interest what will they do the other days?
  3. taradh

    taradh New commenter

    So many things you could do, but it depends how 'up for it' the German school is. Are they wanting to get some English practice out of you?!
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  4. davidgclare

    davidgclare New commenter

    Thanks for the tips. On the other days: Munich city centre, Olympia Park, BMW Welt, Allianz Arena, Neuschwanstein, Füssen
  5. davidgclare

    davidgclare New commenter

    I am going to assume that the school is as 'up for it' as possible! I hadn't thought that the pupils there might like to practise their English. Can you recommend an activity for about 45 minutes that would involve 30 British and 30 German pupils talking in both languages? Or two separate ones?
  6. acesarato

    acesarato New commenter

    This activity always works
    Sitting in a circle in small groups , i.e 4 of yours and 4 of their students - students have a written list of set questions, like a questionnaire:
    What is your name?
    When is your birthday?
    Starbucks or Burger King?
    What animal would you like to be and why?
    What is your favourite singer? etc etc...

    they converse in both languages - they break the ice, meanwhile you circulate and check they practise both languages- after 4/5 minutes you ring a bell and your students move on to a different circle .... and meet and find out about the new group.

    They really enjoy it!
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  7. acesarato

    acesarato New commenter

    PE is also a class they enjoy doing together - casual wear should suffice
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  8. davidgclare

    davidgclare New commenter

    Many thanks acesarato - sounds like a great idea - I will do this (if the school agrees! - I can't see why they wouldn't!)
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  9. taradh

    taradh New commenter

    How about:
    a. Treasure hunt around school. Teams mixed (German/English students), clues could be in English so that the Germans get practice (English students get more points if they can translate into German) or a mixture of German and English questions
    b. Choose a title in advance that would interest them all (my idol, my fav group, etc.)Germans present in English, English students present in German. Could be in groups if time short. English teachers vote on best German students' presentation, German teachers vote on best English students' preparation
    c. Variation: choose a weird object in advance and students have to make an advert for it. Marks for creativity and humour. Judge as above.
    d. German students teach English students a simple German song/nursery rhyme and vice versa. They then present it to everyone.
    e. German teachers work with English students, English teachers work with German students. Teachers ask 20 questions and see which team wins: Find something green and yellow; find something with a picture of a fruit on it. Objects have to be in that room or in their pockets/bag. Students run to front with object to get points.
    f. 'Feely bags'. Put single objects in black bags and students have to feel them (no peeking!) and give the word in TL (black bags go in rows, you could do 10 items). I have done it on a theme before (holidays) with things like a camera, a sandal, etc. Quite good for a laugh!
    They are just off the top of my head. I'll see if I can think of some more.
  10. lydiadavies

    lydiadavies New commenter

    We visit a school for a morning on our annual trip, so I'm interested by the ideas here :)

    We get our students to write a 'pen pal' letter a couple of months before we go which we send to the school, the German teacher pairs our students with theirs and they write a letter back.

    When we arrive we pair them up with thier 'pen pal' and they sit in small groups and share some snacks (we go in Dec. and take some xmas crackers for them to pull too). Our students have a page in their trip booklet with a profile to fill out about their partner, that breaks the ice.

    Then we do 'find someone who' e.g. find someone who has a dog,...likes tennis,...plays an instrument - on a bingo style grid, students mingle asking students frim the other school, aim is to get a complete line. German students must ask Qs in and English, English students must ask in German. When they have a complete line with students names from the other school filled in then they can claim a choccie as a prize.

    After that students have a short tour of the school by their partner. We arrive approx 9 and leave about 11.15.

    I really think the pen pal letters add something to the trip. It takes a bit of organisation - a meeting to explain the idea and what to write, a support sheet with vocab ideas then correcting the drafts and chasing any late ones but the students are always so excited to get a letter back and then to meet their partner when they arrive.

    All the best for your trip, whatever you do :)
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