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Suffolk and Norfolk GTP - anyone heard back yet?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by spaceyp, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. I'm still waiting too. Last year my rejection letter came on 22nd January! I have everything crossed for this year.
  2. I received my rejection letter a couple of days ago. Was rejected due to lack of experience in primary schools but just wondered if anyone knew how much experience is expected?
  3. Oh no, it is so nerve racking! I'm so sorry you didn't get through and hope you will have a possibility to try again. I have no idea about how much experience is necessary but it does only say 2 weeks in school required before application. In reading forums there have been applicants accepted with just a few weeks voluntary in school. I have no idea but am so nervous and still waiting. I have been working in a primary school for the last year but have been working with children for the last 10 years. I am hoping with everything I have that I at least get an interview. Good luck to everyone! I'm guessing we should all hear soon now.
  4. Hi, I heard this morning from SNITT GTP. I have an interview sometime during the last two weeks of February eek!
  5. sez142

    sez142 New commenter

    Me too but there isn't any more details about when or where?! Not very helpful but i suppose it's good to hear something.
  6. Hi there, I 'm currently a SNITT GTP trainee. The school that is going to interview you will be in touch soon letting you know exactly what you will have to do on interview day. I'm doing secondary Drama and had to complete a written task, lead a 25 min lesson/activity and of course the dreaded interview!
    Good luck! It is worth all the stress, although it really is only the beginning!
  7. I'm currently training on the SNITT GTP primary course and it does take them a while to send the letters because so many people apply :)
    Good luck with your place!
  8. Hi everyone. Well done to everyone who has got an interview [​IMG] I have mine coming up towards the end of Feb too. It is over an hour away to get there. I don't mind, hoping the drive will help me relax as I'm so nervous I can't believe it, probably because I want it so badly. I have to do a 5 min presentation on what I think makes a good teacher and why I think I will make a good teacher. Not allowed to use powerpoint etc. Then I need to choose a story with visual aids/props to read to key stage 1 + a formal interview. Now going to have a good think for story. I'm wondering if Suffolk candidates have their interview in Norfolk and vice versa, this does make sense. Does anyone know? Also, does anyone know if the interviews are held in groups? Not sure if i will be on my own or if anyone else will be there. Good luck everyone!
  9. Im a Suffolk candidate and my interview is in Norwich so maybe!
  10. I had my interview!! Did anyone have their interview yet? The forum has gone very quiet I have noticed this year. The tension is huge. When asked what my strengths and weaknesses were for teaching the core subjects did anyone give a weakness? I gave both being honest and am now hoping I have not blown it because I meant as a subject I might be weaker but not in teaching!! Oh dear, feel like I have been tricked! OH NO!!! Everything else seemed to be OK, I might have over waffled, smiled, who knows. My story went well but wow, considering I'm used to reading to 30 children I never realised how difficult reading to only 7 children would be especially with the diverse little characters they gave me, still I think it went well. It certainly was all very enjoyable and the children loved my homemade little props. I did see that I was one of many, many potential GTP interviewees so I know it's not in the bag! Good luck to you all out there if you are in the same boat!! [​IMG]
  11. Hi, I have my interview this Thursday. Sounds like they are going to keep me on my toes! I was wondering how long you were there - half day? Full day?

  12. Hello, I was there for 11.10am and out by 12.20! They were very lovely which does put you at ease but considering I was reading a story to only 7 children instead of the usual 30 it was much harder than I anticipated - lovely but harder. The children were a mix of ability, age and a huge range of character. It was really nice though. The people I had my main interview with were not the ones who observed this story which I thought was a shame but I am sure they feedback of course and I was not asked at all about my own personal experiences and 5 min presentation does not give you much time to waffle. The questions were direct and I didn't get any on educational issues. Good Luck to you!! [​IMG]
  13. Thanks for getting back. Good luck to you.
  14. How did you get on? Hope you were not as nervous as me! I tried so hard to remain poised and then a friend asked me if I had over smiled, waffled and acted scatty. It got me thinking, eeek. I did smile a lot and my voice was hoarse afterwards! I have been told in my letter we should hear by 26th March, how about you? Really hard as my colleague is already through to the test day for scitt PGCE which is next week and I feel I'm lagging behind. I don't know about you but I applied to this provider as I have a family etc etc and cannot do any other route! I also have been in the field for 15 years so am hoping I can just slip right in and do, good for GTP'ers. Anyway, waffling again lol, hope it went well for you!! [​IMG]
  15. Hi,
    Just wondered if anyone has heard yet from Suffolk and Norfolk Primary GTP. I'm still nervously waiting for the letter to say if I'm through to the task day. This waiting is awful especially when the PGCE candidates have already done their tests! I work with a couple of them lol and I'm the only one that has applied for this route. So nervous, everything rides on this as I'm sure most of you can relate!
    All the best
  16. Hi
    I was told that I would hear about 3 weeks after the interview so ive got another week to wait as yet. I completely understand where your coming from!
  17. Ahhhh still nothing! The date of 26th is fast approaching though but I'm checking post like it has become an obsession! How about you? I have no nails left [​IMG]

  18. Not fun is it! Suspect we will go right to the wire. The days just get longer...
  19. Still nothing. D day tomorrow! Good Luck [​IMG]
  20. I also heard KS3 but can't remember where from now! At least we have half term to revise!!!! I wonder how many places there actually are to applicants turning up? Scary!! For the SCITT PGCE with the same provider I was informed there were 80 applicants on task day cut to 50. I have no idea what our odds are. Does anyone else know?


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