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success criteria for "stories with familiar" settings

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rubber, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Could someone help please. I have a real problem thinking up success criteria which will be relevant for my "not so able" Year 3 /4 class. We are starting AFL and children need to be able to read and mark their work against the success criteria.

    I would be also be grateful if anyone could direct me to a link anywhere which will help me with writng success criteria for other Literacy genres.


  2. I have a very weak year 3 group, and we are working on "Golden Sentences" for the success criteria. I have broken this down to include

    A capital letter at the start of the sentence

    A full stop at the end

    Finger spaces

    No words missed out

    No capitals in the middle of words

    Next week we're going to do lots of work on connectives, and then it will also include

    use "and", "but" and "because" to link sentences.

    It worked last year with year four, so hopefully it'll sink in in year three! It might be too simple for your children, but I find that they really need to hammer the basics in the first half term at least.
  3. haj


    was just about to post same link as eve24, those marking ladders are fab, Ive got them saved on my pen drive.
  4. Aren't they?? Only just 'discovered' them but can't wait to use? Sad i know!!!
  5. Thanks I like the marking ladders and I can easily match different year group objectives.
  6. haj


    I must be just as sad in that case as Im forever saving and noting down things, despite not having my own class, just in case I finally end up with my own class and "need" certain things!!


  7. excellent Marking ladders, thanks for those! Great for differentation too!

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