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Subtraction - standard written form

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by mr_free_sat, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Hey, teaching years 3 and 4 subtraction for 2 lessons next week. Year 4 have worked more on this in their books, year 3 pupils do not have so much experience.
    This will be my last 2 maths lessons with these classes so I would like to make them as fun and stimulating as possible.
  2. You haven't asked a question.
  3. Any advice on some fun yet challenging activities they could do?
  4. I'd be more concerned to ensure that they understand the concept of subtraction (both taking away and finding the difference) and have an efficient method that they understand and can do. You'd be amazed at the number of children in Y5 and 6 who have a poor understanding of subtraction (for example, thinking that you have both amounts rather than you have one amount and are taking the other amount from the first amount, and trying to use a compact method that they can only do if there's no decomposition involved). Have your year 3s (in particular) a really good understanding of subtraction (both models) on a number line?
  5. You mean all your previous lessons have not been fun and stimulating? [​IMG]
    Be careful what you say!
  6. At first I couldn't get my head around why they were doing Standard Index Form.
  7. Me too!! I read the first couple of posts thinking, "HUH??!!?"
  8. i'll beat betamale to it by suggesting that subtracting correctly is not about 'fun'. it's about going through it stage by stage till (a) they know how to do it correctly and (b) they know why the method they are using is correct
    having said which, if you have £11-ish in the kitty, http://www.mathriddlebook.com/ is good fun for those who do what they are doing, but is all column arithmetic

  9. Don't start!!!! [​IMG]
  10. No but controlling behaviour or being observed seems to warrant it [​IMG]
    Personally I find one weakness in many pupils is negative number subtraction so that could also be an option. To make it fun for them, deliver the lesson in a clown outfit whilst being didactic or learning by rote.

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