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subject specialist cover supervisors, seriously!?!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by hemingfordgrey, May 27, 2011.

  1. When it comes to bought in agency cover it is unlikely that department heads will know on a day to day basis if the person doing the cover is a teacher or a cover supervisor. That's an administrative decision made by the cover manager. If they have someone covering a class it is unlikely that department heads will care.I did a day as a cover supervisor today. The HoD knows me as a teacher, assumed that's what I was for the day, and the day saw me teaching the absent teacher's timetable.Almost all cover locally, long and short term is paid at cover supervisor rate and most agency cover supervisors are qualified teachers.
  2. Well my agency pay £105 teachers and £50 for TA work per day (north east) so that rate, even in London, sounds ok. I have accepted to do teaching and non teaching supply but not had any yet (just been vetted today).

    I think it is a disgrace that a school would ask for a CS and expect a lesson to be taught so the agencies should be either sending non specialists or sending invoices for a teacher rather than CS. I am primary so guess this wont matter so much to me but I have said I will do non teaching in all ages.
  3. Cliveceltic - are you referring to the figure of 115 - 140 per day that I quoted as being OK? It is definitely not OK. It may be OK for a supply teacher but this was an advert for a CS not a teacher. Furthermore no qualifications were needed
  4. Before I gave up and took my pension, I had a baleful year trying to get maths and science supply in London. On agency sent me to a school for a day and at the end of the afternoon, phoned me to see how it had gone and whether work had been set, which I confirmed. When I got my pay advice, I found that I had only been paid £57 gross for the day. When I queried this, i was told that since work had been left, I was acting as a CS, not a teacher.
  5. What I meant was that if I was offered that rate as a cover supervisor I would be happy to teach the lesson as I get paid less for teaching. I think it is wrong that CS are offered this when teachers are paid less in some places though. Its a strange situation as I expect alot of CS through supply are actually teachers and schools are trying to get people cheap.

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